A-367 - A-367

Ronda - Ardales
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Route data
Identifier A-367
Type Autonomous road
Length 45 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
Places it crosses
Cañete la Real Teba Becerro Caves
Location 36°53′50″N 5°00′02″O / 36.897219444444, -5.0004555555556Coordenadas: 36°53′50″N 5°00′02″O / 36.897219444444, -5.0004555555556

The A-367 road is an Andalusian regional road in the province of Malaga , which connects the city of Ronda with the A-357 road .

It has its point of origin in the Avda de Málaga de Ronda , where this road joins the autonomous A-374 , A-397 and A-366 . It continues northeast towards Cuevas del Becerro , further on it has links with the provincial highways MA-6401 and MA-5404 , which connect it with Cañete la Real and Teba respectively. It ends at a link with the A-357 ( Campillos - Málaga ), at the height of Ardales . The route can be continued towards Malaga along this road.

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