A-391 - A-391

Roquetas de Mar - Alicún
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Route data
Colloquial name Alicún road
Identifier A-391
Type Autonomous road
Length 27,27 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
Crosses Mediterranean Highway and A-348
Places it crosses Felix
El Marchal
Location 36°53′34″N 2°36′51″O / 36.892838888889, -2.6141583333333Coordenadas: 36°53′34″N 2°36′51″O / 36.892838888889, -2.6141583333333

The A-391 is the autonomous road belonging to the Andalusian Road Network , it connects the towns of Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce with the region of Las Alpujarras . Its route begins in the town of Roquetas de Mar at the link with the A-7 Autovía del Mediterráneo . Your journey towards the Sierra de Gádor . Next there is an improved section that reaches the La Envia urbanization , from here the road is mountain and has an old layout. The next towns that it unites are Vícar , Felix ,Enix , El Marchal de Antón López , the road crosses the Sierra de Gádor reaching a link with the A-348 regional road, the Las Alpujarras road where it ends its itinerary.

Martinico Bridge

To save the Barranco del Salto del Caballo, at kilometer 26.5 a bridge was built in the 18th century based on masonry and lime, and with a small semicircular arch as the only light. [ 1 ]

Crossing populations


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