A-4050 - A-4050

Suspiro del Moro - Almuñécar
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Crtra A-4050 Tunnel (La Cabra) .jpg
Route data
Identifier A-4050
Type Autonomous road
Length 59,13 km
Administration Junta de Andalucía.Junta de Andalucía
Start Suspiro del Moro
End Almunecar
Places it crosses Otívar

The A-4050 [ 1 ] (popularly known as the Carretera de la Cabra ) is a Spanish regional road belonging to the Complementary Network of the Catalog of Roads of the Junta de Andalucía that connects the port of Suspiro del Moro , in Villa de Otura , with the town of Almuñécar . It is 59.13 kilometers long, and runs through the Granada municipalities of Villa de Otura , El Padul , Albuñuelas , Otívar , Lentegí ,Jete and Almuñécar .

Tunnel drilled in the rock on the A-4050 road (Carretera de la Cabra)
The A-4050 at the southern entrance to Jete .

At present it is a famous means of communication used by cyclists to go from the Metropolitan Area of ​​Granada to the coast . It begins at a link with the old N-323 in Puerto del Suspiro del Moro , continues towards Almuñécar, before crossing a link with El Padul and the A-44 highway , where it becomes a two-lane road with a hard shoulder until it reaches to Venta del Fraile, where it once again loses the shoulder, and thus enters the natural park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama in the west of the municipality of Albuñuelas .

After crossing the road to the Bermejales and Jayena reservoir , it passes the Puerto de la Cabra, entering the municipality of Otívar , descending to it, crossing the Sierra de Cázulas and passing under Lentegí (there is a road that goes up to that town ), and then enter Jete after crossing a link to Ítrabo .

Finally, it enters Almuñécar through the hamlet of Torrecuevas , descending until it crosses the N-340 .


Next to the port of Suspiro del Moro, where the legend states that King Boabdil heard from his mother say " cry like a woman what you have not known how to defend as a man ", part of the so-called La Cabra highway, which served for years as a connection between Granada capital and the coast. Of those tortuous trips there are still testimonies, like some sale that has survived time and remains open. It was used already before 1940 for the few people who could afford a vacation in Almuñecar from the city of Granada and its stone walls as well as the tunnels were once dynamited by the brave road workers of years ago.

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