A-408 - A-408

Pedroso road
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Bridge of the A-408 - P1500719.jpg
Route data
Previous name CAP-2012
Identifier A-408
Type Autonomous road
Length 17,2 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
Crosses A-381 and A-4
Location 36°31′27″N 6°04′43″O / 36.524208333333, -6.0786194444444Coordenadas: 36°31′27″N 6°04′43″O / 36.524208333333, -6.0786194444444

The A-408 is an Andalusian road in the province of Cádiz . It is known as the "Carretera del Pedroso" .

The road runs only through the municipality of Puerto Real . It joins the city with the A-381 in a west-east route, crossing wooded landscapes. Drivers arriving from the A-381 to Puerto Real can enter Cádiz directly through the José León de Carranza Bridge .

This road continues, from its connection with the A-381, towards Paterna de Rivera , although it becomes the responsibility of the Cádiz County Council and is called CA-3200 .