A-455 - A-455

Intercormacal road Cazalla de la Sierra to Lora del Río by Constantina
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Route data
Colloquial name Cazalla de la Sierra
Highway Constantina Highway
Identifier A-455
Type Intercomarcal Network
Length 47,2 km
Logo of the Junta de Andalucía 2020.svg
Start Lora del Rio
End Cazalla de la Sierra
Places it crosses Constantina

The intercomarcal A-455 is a single carriageway in each direction that runs through the Province of Seville . The road connects Lora del Río with Cazalla de la Sierra , passing through Constantina . The road is 47.2 km long.

Conditioning 2005

Thanks to the MASCERCA Plan of the Junta de Andalucía , 13.6 km were remodeled and / or conditioned. With the remodeling of this section, the route was opened in full on 15 March 2005. [ 1 ]

New section

The works on the new section of the A-455 from Lora del Río to Constantina consisted of remodeling the road from its arrival in the town of Constantina , to the vicinity of the intersection with the regional road SE-197 that leads to Villanueva del Río y Minas , in a length of 13.6 kilometers.

The width of the road was increased from 5 meters without shoulders to a width of nine meters, with 3.5 meters in each lane and 1 meter shoulders on each side. The development includes two intersections: the first with the A-452 to access Constantina , which has been resolved with a roundabout, and the second with the SE-197 , which has been resolved in the shape of a T.

Lower Steps

Also, two underpasses were built, which are used for the cattle that travel through the livestock route from Cordel del Pilarejo and the Cañada de Hornachuelos to El Pedroso . With the aim of increasing road safety for road users.

Landscape Restoration

Likewise, the improvement works included other actions in environmental matters, such as landscape restoration, which involved an investment of 0.3 million euros. In this way, we proceeded to the revegetation of the slopes, the planting of trees and shrubs in the accesses to the roads and plantations in the roundabout of Constantina, among other measures. In the same way, stone tables, wastebaskets and information panels were installed in the rest areas of the road.

Complementary Actions Glorieta de Constantina

Complementary actions were carried out at the access roundabout to Constantina, such as the installation of a lighting tower, to avoid collisions with the central island, the lighting of the turns and edges of the road, the reordering of the access branches to the industries and the improvement of signaling, which includes the installation of soundtracks for advance notice of arrival at the roundabout.

Repairs in 2013

The former Ministry of Development and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía and which as of 2019, holds the name of the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning of the Junta de Andalucía .

It announced that it would cut the A-455 road to traffic on July 29 and 30, 2013, to carry out repair works on the road at kilometer 20.2, near Constantina . According to a statement, the Board authorized a provisional detour to guarantee the wheeled traffic of light vehicles of up to 5,500 kilos of maximum weight authorized by alternative streets of the town, reserving Eduardo Dato street for the Cazalla de la Sierra direction and the Hermosa Baja road for the Lora del Río sense . Likewise, for the circulation of heavy vehicles, with a tonnage exceeding 5,500 kilos, the transit will be carried out on the A-452 highways , between Constantina and El Pedroso , and by the A-432 , between El Pedroso and Cazalla de la Sierra . The works consisted of repairing the road surface at various points of the crossing. [ 2 ]