A-8057 - A-8057

From San Juan de Aznalfarache to Mairena del Aljarafe
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Route data
Identifier A-8057
Type Autonomous road
Length 2,79 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
Location 37°21′31″N 6°02′54″O / 37.358575, -6.0483166666667Coordenadas: 37°21′31″N 6°02′54″O / 37.358575, -6.0483166666667
Bridge over the A-8057 highway

The A-8057 road is an interurban road belonging to the Complementary Metropolitan Road Network of the Junta de Andalucía , which connects the towns of San Juan de Aznalfarache and Mairena del Aljarafe , in the southwest of the metropolitan area of ​​Seville . [ 1 ] It has characteristics of a highway (independent roads for each direction of traffic, two lanes in each direction, limited access to neighboring properties, acceleration and deceleration lanes, etc.), but it is not marked as such. The maximum speed in its main section is limited to 100 km / h.

Traffic data

The average daily traffic intensity exceeded 32,000 vehicles / day in 2011, with a percentage of heavy vehicles of 6%. [ 2 ]

The average speed on the A-8057 is below 60 km / h. [ 3 ]


The route of the A-8057 begins at exit 0B of the A-8058 , in the vicinity of San Juan de Aznalfarache , and ends at a roundabout at the junction with the A-8068 road , near Mairena del Aljarafe .


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