A-Youth-Bundesliga (handball) - A-Jugend-Bundesliga (Handball)

Youth Bundesliga
Logo of the youth league handball

Full name Youth Bundesliga handball
Current season 2019/20
sport Handball
abbreviation JBLH
Bandage German Handball Federation
Ligagründung 2011
Teams 40 (4 Staffeln to 10 Teams)
Country countries GermanyGermany Germany
Title holder SG Flensburg-Handewitt
Record champions SC Magdeburg (10)
Website www.dhb.de
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The A-Jugend-Bundesliga in German handball - official name Jugend-Bundesliga Handball ( JBLH ) - was introduced by the German Handball Federation (DHB) for the 2011/2012 season. It replaced the previous youth regional leagues, which were organized by the individual regional associations. The A-Jugend-Bundesliga is organized by the DHB.

Modus from 1969 to 2011

Title holder

year Meister year Meister year Meister year Meister
1969 TuS Schutterwald 1980 Eintracht Hildesheim 1991 SC Magdeburg 2002 SC Magdeburg
1970 SG Walldorf-Astoria 1981 Eintracht Hildesheim 1992 SC Empor Rostock 2003 SC Magdeburg
1971 THW How 1982 VfL Lichtenrade 1993 TSV Heiningen 1892 2004 SC Magdeburg
1972 TSV Grün-Weiß Dankersen 1983 TV Weilstetten 1994 TUSEM food 2005 SG Wallau / Massenheim
1973 TSG Ludwigsburg-Oßweil 1984 CSG Erlangen 1995 TSV GWD Minden 2006 SC Magdeburg
1974 TSG Ludwigsburg-Oßweil 1985 OSC Dortmund 1996 SC Magdeburg 2007 SG Solingen-BHC 06
1975 SV Weding 1986 OSC Dortmund 1997 SC Magdeburg 2008 SG Kronau / Östringen
1976 TuSpo Nuremberg 1987 SG Leutershausen 1998 SC Magdeburg 2009 JSG Neuhausen / Metzingen
1977 OSC Dortmund 1988 OSC Dortmund 1999 SC Magdeburg 2010 HSG Düsseldorf
1978 no master * 1989 OSC Dortmund 2000 TSV GWD Minden 2011 SG Spandau / Füchse Berlin
1979 TSV Göggingen 1875 1990 TuS Schutterwald 2001 SC Magdeburg

* The 1978 final between GW Dankersen and TV Hüttenberg (15:14) was canceled and not repeated.

Mode since 2011

As of 2011, the Bundesliga consisted of four regional relays (north, east, west and south) of twelve teams each. The division of the squadrons is made anew every year. After a double round with 22 match days, the two best teams of each season qualify for the final round of the German championship, which starts with the quarter-finals in the knockout system . The knockout rounds are played in the two-legged mode. The eight finalists and the teams in positions three to six of each season are automatically qualified for the following season in the Bundesliga. The remaining places are replayed annually in regional qualifying rounds and a central final tournament.

Title holder

Season Meister Season Meister Season Meister
2011/12 SG Spandau / Füchse Berlin 2014/15 SC DHfK Leipzig 2017/18 Foxes Berlin-Reinickendorf
2012/13 Foxes Berlin-Reinickendorf 2015/16 SC DHfK Leipzig 2018/19 SG Flensburg-Handewitt
2013/14 Foxes Berlin-Reinickendorf 2016/17 HSG Wetzlar

Mode since 2019

Since the 2019/20 season, 40 teams have been competing in the competition. The process of the A-Jugend Handball-Bundesliga is divided into a preliminary round, a championship round and a subsequent knockout round, which ends with a final game. The 40 teams are divided into 4 relay teams. In these 4 seasons in the preliminary round the game mode everyone against everyone is played as a single round, so that each team plays a total of 9 games. The four best teams per season qualify for the championship round and for the A-Jugend Handball-Bundesliga 2020/21.

The championship round is divided into 2 seasons. In championship round 1, the 1st and 4th placed in the North and East relay, and the 2nd and 3rd placed in the West and South relay take part. In the championship round 2, the 2nd and 3rd placed in the North and East relay, and the 1st and 4th placed in the West and South relay take part. In these two seasons, the teams play in the game mode everyone against everyone in the round two. The four best teams per season qualify for the subsequent knockout round and thus take part in the quarter-finals.

Title holder

Season Meister
2019/20 SG Flensburg-Handewitt
Foxes Berlin-Reinickendorf 1
1Season end due to the COVID-19 pandemic : the championship leaders were awarded the championship title