A card index - A-Kartei

The A-card index was a data index of people who were put under surveillance by the Gestapo . The origin of the name is unclear, but an abbreviation of "supervision" is suspected.

These people were seen as opponents of the Nazi regime in the interests of the NSDAP . It is known that Reinhard Heydrich set up this file during his time in Munich. On September 28, 1938 [1] the chief of the security police issued an instruction to the state police (leit) establish the accommodation of persons to be arrested [2] in concentration camps according to the entries in the A-card index . The index was administered in the RSHA in Amt 4.

It was ordered that the arrested persons should first be placed in police and judicial prisons. After that, these were to be sent to the Buchenwald , Sachsenhausen concentration camps or the concentration camp to be established in East Prussia as soon as possible .

The following was decreed in detail:

  • The A-card index prisoners of the state police (head) offices in Königsberg , Allenstein , Elbing and Tilsit are to be sent to the concentration camp to be established in East Prussia


Individual evidence

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