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A-shield gem. § 55 KrWG
Photo of a parked truck with an A-plate attached to the front outside.
Truck with A-plate on the front of the vehicle

The A-sign , colloquially also known as waste sign , waste warning panel , waste ( warning ) panel or A-panel , is a legally prescribed warning panel in Germany that collectors and transporters of waste use their vehicles in accordance with Section 55 of the Recycling Management Act (KrWG) with which they have to provide waste in the exercise of their work on public roads before starting their journey.

While the collection and transport of hazardous waste is subject to authorization under Section 54 of the KrWG, the A-sign is also required for non-hazardous waste and regardless of the amount of waste. [1] Collectors and carriers of non-hazardous waste only have to notify the lower environmental protection authority of the activity of their company before they start working ( Section 53 KrWG).

According to the legal definition in § 3 Paragraph 10 and Paragraph 11 of the KrWG, collectors and carriers are natural and legal persons who collect and transport waste on a commercial basis or within the framework of commercial enterprises. The labeling requirement does not apply to private transports to a municipal collection point ( recycling center ).

The labeling requirement serves to monitor proper waste management as provided for in the EU Waste Framework Directive . [2]

The requirements for the marking of vehicles result from § 10 of the Waste Shipment Act (AbfVerbrG). [3] The vehicles are to be provided with two rectangular, reflective, white warning signs at least 40 centimeters wide and at least 30 centimeters high before starting the journey. The warning signs must be marked “A” in black (letter height 20 centimeters, font width 2 centimeters). The warning signs must be clearly visible on the outside of the vehicle during transport, in the front and rear. In the case of trains (vehicle combinations), the rear panel must be attached to the rear of the trailer (in the case of articulated lorries, it must be attached to the rear of the semi-trailer).

If a vehicle is not, incorrectly, incompletely or not in time provided with a waste board, this can be punished as an administrative offense with a fine of up to 20,000 euros ( Section 18 (1) No. 11 AbfVerbrG in conjunction with paragraph 3) .

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