A-Team - A-Team

As a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (OD-A) or colloquially A-Team , the designated Special Forces (Airborne) the smallest sub-units of its special forces .

Each company of the Special Forces (“Green Berets”) is usually made up of six A-Teams, which thus correspond to the groups - although the exact number can vary from company to company. The A-teams are each specialized in a specific task, for example one of the six A-teams in each company is focused on combat swimmers and another on HALO missions . [1] The members of an A-team are themselves specialized in one area of ​​activity. The leader of the A-team in the rank of Captain is the only officer in the group, the other soldiers are NCOs . [2]

A-teams have existed since the Green Berets were founded, although they were originally mostly smaller and consisted of only four to six soldiers. A typical A-team currently consists of twelve people: the commander and his deputy, an "operations sergeant" who ensures operational readiness and implementation, as well as his deputy, two weapons specialists, two communications specialists, two field paramedics and two pioneers . [3]

The designation "A-Team" is in a series of nomenclature of the Special Forces, which continues to include the "B-Team" - the command post of a Special Forces company [4] - and the "C-Team" - the command post of the battalion [5 ] - knows. When a new special unit specializing in the fight against terrorism was created in 1977 , this system was taken up and called the new unit Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta - Delta Force for short .

Popular culture

The well-known US television series The A-Team was named after the A-Teams and is about the three members of a former A-Team from the Vietnam War and their helicopter pilot.



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