A-Trust - A-Trust

A-Trust company for security systems in electronic data traffic GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding February 17, 2000
Seat 1030 Wien
  • Michael Butz (Managing Director)
  • Erwin Fölhs (Managing Director)
Website www.a-trust.at

A-Trust is an Austrian company and is owned by Austrian chambers and banks. It was founded on February 17, 2000. Among other things, A-Trust is a provider of qualified certificates that comply with EU guidelines. These certificates form the basis of the electronic signature according to the Austrian Signature Law and European Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 . A-Trust products are primarily used in the areas of e-business and e-government.

Products and services

Electronic certificates serve to prove identities in electronic data traffic. They are not only used for ex officio execution, but also play an important role in secure electronic business transactions. Qualified signatures based on A-Trust certificates are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures. Digital signatures are based on a cryptographic process, which allows the authenticity and integrity of a document to be proven.

  • Digital signature: for emails, documents and invoices
  • Trust Center: certifies the identity of the communication partner in electronic communication processes. [1]
  • Mobile phone signature / citizen card : As a rule, qualified signatures are issued on smart cards (such as the e-card ) [2] , whichrequirea card reader and the corresponding software (such as Mocca). [3] With the Handy Signature, qualified certificates can be used with a simple mobile phone. [4]
  • e-Tresor: The e-Tresor is an online storage facility for electronic documents. Digital signatures can also be created and checked in the e-Tresor. [5]

Corporate structure

The company's shareholders are (as of 11/2017):


  • 2003: E-Government seal of approval from the Austrian Federal Government (product a.sign premium) [7]



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