A-cell (battery) - A-Zelle (Batterie)

A-cell or IEC size R23 are the names for a standardized but little-known size of battery cells . These are cylindrical round cells with a maximum length of 50 mm, which is similar to the better-known AA cell (Mignon), but with a larger diameter of maximum 17.3 mm.


Size comparison of different battery cells. Top left A cell

A-cells are manufactured with different electrochemical systems, which can differ significantly in nominal voltage , capacity and load capacity.

Batteries , more precisely: non-rechargeable primary cells in size A, are not widespread and therefore hardly known in retail in German-speaking countries for end customers . The same applies to B cells . Only the cell sizes C and D have been known under the common names Baby and Mono since the 1950s.

The electrical industry uses individual A-cells as accumulators, for example, permanently soldered into small mobile electrical devices, or interconnected to form several cells to form a larger battery, then in its own housing. For this reason, A cells are often manufactured directly with permanently attached soldering lugs .

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