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A1 Kabel TV (formerly aonTV ) is a service from A1 Telekom Austria and was introduced in March 2006. [1] It is digital cable television based on IPTV . Two different packages can be obtained. The basic package A1 TV with 40 channels (incl. 6 HD channels) and A1 TV Plus with 150 channels (incl. 40 HD channels). [2] The service can only be obtained in combination with an active landline product. A1 Kabel TV is comparable to IPTV from Telekom Entertain .

The offer was called aonDigitalTV when it was introduced and was later renamed aonTV. As part of the conversion of the entire brand identity of A1 Telekom Austria on the core brand A 1 , it was established in June 2011 in A1 cable TV and mid-2015 in A1 TV Plus renamed. [3]


A1 Kabel TV can be received in around 77% of Austrian households. At the moment (as of 2015) there are over 259,000 "A1 Kabel TV" customers in Austria. A1 Kabel TV thus has a distribution comparable to that of Telekom Entertain in Germany. [4]


In order to use A1 Cable TV one is set-top box (also Mediabox) necessary. This is connected to the television either with a SCART cable or an HDMI cable. The Mediabox is connected to the modem via a network cable; alternatively, the connection can also be established via a powerline adapter (PLC) . A wireless connection is currently only possible via radio adapters (Ruckus), which are no longer sold by A1. The modem is connected to the telephone connection directly or via a splitter . When ordering A1 Kabel TV , you get the MediaBox, modem and splitter included.

A1 Media box

For A1 Kabel TV , different media boxes from the manufacturer ADB have been used over the years . For use came z. B. the ADB-3800TW which contains a low cost set top box decoder chip STB7100 from STMicroelectronics . The chip comes with a SH-4 processoroperated. Linux is used as the operating system. Only one television can be connected per MediaBox. A maximum of five MediaBoxes are currently offered per landline connection, the actual maximum number of MediaBoxes depends on the maximum transferable speed of the Internet line. Since the product renewal in October 2012, the Mediabox Recorder has also enabled the current television program to be recorded on an internal hard drive (400 GB) or to pause it in order to play it back afterwards. [5] It is also possible to expand the functionality of the A1 Mediabox with applications such as Facebook or various RSS feeds . The newest model TLA-1722whas been fundamentally simplified in contrast to its predecessors. The device is much smaller and has fewer slots on its back. Among other things, the optical output and one of two SCART connections have been removed. A display has also been dispensed with, a single LED on the front signals the different status of the box.


Various ADSL or VDSL models can be used as modems for A1 Kabel TV . With older models, such as the Thomson 585v7 or SpeedTouch 546v6 , only two of the four Ethernet connections were initially usable for A1 cable TV , but all connections can be used with the current firmware . More recent modems are the Technicolor TG588 or ADB DV2210 .

A1 Cable TV on PC

The reception of A1 Kabel TV on a PC is technically possible and, in accordance with the terms of use, cannot be excluded. A technical requirement is a PC connected to the Internet with suitable software that supports video streaming, such as VLC media player , with which the IP addresses of the individual channels can be called up. It is also technically possible to record and save broadcasts digitally if the streaming software supports this.



This package offers 40 channels in SD quality and 6 channels in HD quality. It is not possible to book additional packages or to use the A1 video library.

A1 TV Plus

It contains 150 channels in SD quality and 40 channels in HD quality. [6] With this product it is possible to book various additional packages. You also have access to the paid A1 video library , in which around 3,000 films can be obtained. The costs for this are between € 0.01 and € 8 for 48 hours. Various regional channels are included in the package, but they can be viewed regardless of the state. So z. B. all regional ORF 2 channels (ORF 2 Lower Austria, ORF 2 Carinthia, ORF 2 W etc.) can be viewed in both SD and HD quality, as well as private channels , such as B. Tirol tv , KT1 orP3tv .

Both A1 TV and A1 TV Plus offer the option of using an electronic program guide ( EPG ). Furthermore, additional services such as horoscope, weather, ORF TvThek, traffic information or current daily information can be used via the same interface.

In the plus package, around 300 national and international radio stations can be heard.

Additional options

  • A1 HD-TV offers access to 30 additional HD channels. The product is comparable to HD Austria , but also offers channels such as QVC HD or HSE24 HD . In order to be able to use HD TV, at least 8 Mbit / s must be available at the location.
  • A1 Premium TV offers access to 60 other pay TV channels, such as 13th Street , FOX , History , National Geographic Channel and MTV .
  • A1 Series Unlimited is a flat-rate extension of the A1 video library, with which various series such as Lost , Criminal Minds or documentaries are available.
  • Sky bei A1 offers the possibility to watch the Sky's program via the A1 cable TV interface . However, additional Sky options such as Sky Go cannot be used.

With the exception of Sky at A1 , all additional options can be ordered via the interface at the push of a button.

A1 Mobile TV

40 stations can be viewed in your own home network using the app . In addition, the app offers options such as B. an EPG or noting a recording for the A1 recorder at home. [7]

With a new system called A1 XPLORE TV, you can watch these channels on the go. [8th]


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