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A1 Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
Seat Munich , Germany
Branch Publishing
Website a1-verlag.de

The A1 Verlag was an existing in its final form since 1990, independent book publisher with a focus on international fiction and non-fiction. The publishing house was Munich . The publisher has been in liquidation since February 2017 . [1] [2]


The predecessor of A1 Verlag was the so-called action room 1 , a factory hall in which several visual artists (including Brus , Dibbets , Fabro , Gerz , Höke , Nitsch , HA Schult , Penone ) worked on their works from 1969 to 1970 .

In 1971, A1 Informations Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH was founded under whose roof concepts for educational teaching models were designed. The first books, newspapers, magazines and posters were produced in the in-house print shop.

Founding of the publishing house and program

Albert Völkmann, Inge Holzheimer and Herbert Woyke founded the actual A1 publishing house in 1990. [3] The program followed a predominantly fictional-literary orientation. Among the first authors were Adel Karasholi and Galsan Tschinag , who write in German as foreign authors. Both received the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize in 1992 . Since the mid-1990s, A1 has also been the in-house publisher of the German writer Günter Herburger .

In the mid-1990s, the publishing program was supplemented by the now completed series monAkzente , a series of volumes accompanying literary exhibitions, including about Gert Hofmann , Max Mohr and Grete , published from 1995 to 2000 in collaboration with the Monacensia (the city of Munich's literary archive ) Because .

In 1998 the publishing house succeeded in achieving an international bestseller with Corinne Hofmann's book The White Massai , which was translated into thirty languages.

A number of internationally recognized writers and poets form an essential pillar of the publishing house. These include José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola), Dilip Chitre (India), Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine), Mohammed Hanif (Pakistan), Thomas King (Canada), Ray Loriga (Spain), Kiran Nagarkar (India), Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o (Kenya), Ivan Vladislavić (South Africa).


Individual evidence

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