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The a1plus film and television production GmbH was founded in 1980 by Wolfgang Hackl founded.

Over the years the company has relocated several times and in 2005, after 10 years in Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria , returned to Vienna . The company now has 6 permanent employees.

In the 1980s, the emphasis was on advertising and music videos. Since 1991 the "A1plus" has been producing documentary film series with a focus on culture, politics and society, as well as music specials, industrial films, training films, school films and historical documentaries.

The production

  • 2007
    • Vienna - one city. A book. (Documentation)
  • 2006
    • Ernst Molden - The Blues of Vienna (Documentation)
    • Pok Ta Pok - The Fire Game (Documentation)
    • Blown mountains - Separated hearts - The First World War in the Dolomites (documentation)
    • Ernst Molden - The Blues of Vienna (music documentation)
    • At the construction site (training film)
  • 2005
    • Footprints in the sand - moment art in the Tunisian Sahara (documentation)
    • Cello for putty (music special)
    • Plastics (training film)
  • 2004
    • American Expansion - The Dream of Space in the USA (Documentary)
    • Bollywood Remixed - Indian Cinema Conquers the West, Post Production (Documentation)
    • Between two Seideln - alcoholism in Austria, post-production (documentation)
    • Spirit of Europe (Konzertfilm)
  • 2003
    • The north attracts the bright minds - brain drain makes the poor poorer (documentation)
    • American Psyche - On Patriotism in the USA, Post Production (Documentation)
    • Distant Neighbors - Austrian Development Cooperation in: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Uganda, Namibia and Burkina Faso (documentary series)
    • Europe and the new money (documentary series)
  • 2002
    • The knights of the 21st century (documentation)
    • Stefan Zweig - The Homeless European (Documentation)
    • Connect Europa - the EU candidate countries 2004 (documentary series)
  • 2001
    • Arthur Schnitzler Diary - New Lips, a New Sigh (Documentation in 2 parts)
    • Tazara - The Iron Path to Freedom (Documentation)
    • Euro Countdown (documentary series)
  • 2000
    • Thirst War - The Struggle for Water (Documentation)
    • The scent of the wide world - eco-tourism on Zanzibar (documentation)
    • Adios Panama - The Gringos Go (Documentation)
    • Kulturstädte 2000 (Dokumentarreihe)
  • Documentaries produced before 1999
    • Hawaii - paradise in bankruptcy
    • Doswidanije - Shalom The last Jews of Birobidzhan
    • Uganda - hope instead of agony
    • Sunny sides - shadow children 50 years of Unicef
    • Cuba's last illusion of Caribbean communism before the collapse
    • New Zealand Factor - The ozone age has begun
    • Mongolia - The beggar on the golden mountain
    • Safed - The city on the mountain
    • Shadows over Africa - masters and slaves of the desert
    • Ark in the big city - city forests


  • 2006 : Winner of the Grand Prix Victoria at the 22nd International Business Film Days for Plastics (Director: Michael Stöger)
  • 2004 : Finalist at the 46th International Television and Promotion Competition, The New York Festivals , 2004, in the category "History & Society" with the contribution Bosnia - Herzegovina from the series Fare Nachbarn (Director: Karl Pridun)
  • 2000 : Winner of the TOURA D'OR - Film competition Sustainable Tourism 2000 in the category "Information and Documentation Film" for The Scent of the Wide World (Director: Claudia Pöchlauer)
  • 1999 : Award for "high standard" from Corporate Media 99 and "the silver pyramid" in the documentation category at the 8th ITVA Festival for EURO-CITY Berlin (director: Karl Pridun)
  • 1998 : Finalist of the 41st International Television and Promotion Competition, The New York Festivals for “EURO-CITY: Dublin” (Director: Georg Madeja)
  • 1997 : Silver OttoCar Award at the AutoVision Festival Frankfurt IAA 97 Graf and Countess Khevenhüller and their Mercedes Simplex, built in 1905 from the classic car series "Old Metal - Young Love" (Director: Manfred Haspel)
  • 1996 : Awards for "high standard" by Corporate Video & TV 96 for INTER-CITY: Odessa (director: Christoph Buch) and for the documentary film "UGANDA - HOPE INSTEAD OF AGONIE" (director: Peter Zurek)
  • 1995 : Awards for "high standard" from Corporate Video & TV 95 for INTER-CITY Riga, Sofia, Venice and Danzig (directors: Christoph Buch, Karl Pridun)
  • 1994 : “Award Of Master” from Corporate Video & TV 94 for the INTER-CITY series (director: Christoph Buch), award for “high standards” from Corporate Video & TV 94 for Cuba - Caribbean communism before the collapse (director: Peter Zurek), diploma For Exclusive Artistic Achievement at the Golden Antenna Festival , Bulgaria, for For A Moment (Director: Wolfgang Hackl ), Award at the US International Film & Video Festival in Chicago for For A Moment (Director: Wolfgang Hackl)
  • 1993 : "Master Of Excellence" of Corporate Video & TV 94 for New Zealand Factor (Director: Peter Zurek)
  • 1992 : Grand Prix and 1st Prize at the 15th German- Language Business Film Days for Austrian Living Culture - Tradition that Lives (Director: Pedro Chlanda)
  • 1988 : aac - excellent camera work in the TV and cinema commercial "Action By Stanford" (camera: Wolfgang Hackl )