A&E (Latin America) - A&E (Latinoamérica)

A&E Network logo.svg
Slogan As you say, you see that you can
Channel type Subscription television
Programming Series and movies
Owner A+E Networks
Operated by A + E Networks
(channel operation in Latin America)
Ole Distribution
(distribution in Latin America)
country United States flag United States
Language Spanish
(available as secondary audio)
Start of transmissions October 1, 2005
Picture format 1080i HDTV
(rescaled to 16: 9 480i / 576i for channel standard resolution signal)
Transmission area Latin America
Previous name Ole World
A&E World
Sibling channels History
History 2
Website www.historyplay.tv
Argentina's flag Antina Canal 90 (SD)
Canal 164 (HD)
Paraguay flag You Canal 785 (HD)
Argentina's flag Uruguay flag
Chile's flag Peru flag
Colombia's flag Ecuador Flag
Canal 207 (SD/HD)
Canal 1207 (HD)
Venezuela's flag Simple TV Canal 207 (SD/HD)
Canal 1207 (HD)
Chile's flag Entel TV HD Canal 99 (HD)
Chile's flag Peru flag
Colombia's flag Venezuela's flag
Movistar TV
Canal 506 (SD)
Canal 861 (HD)
Mexican flag Central America Flag Flag of dominican republic
Canal 212 (SD)
Canal 1212 (HD)
Mexican flag Dish Canal 230 (SD)
Canal 730 (HD)
Chile's flag Colombia's flag Ecuador Flag
Claro TV
Canal 107 (SD)
Canal 607 (HD)
Canal 611 (SD)
Canal 615 (HD)
Canal 233 (SD)
Canal 733 (HD)
Chile's flag TuVes HD Canal 203
Bolivian flag Paraguay flag Flag of the savior You Canal 256
Ecuador Flag CNT TV Canal 115 (SD)
Canal 727 (HD)
Mexican flag Star TV Canal 213
Bolivian flag Entel Canal 91
Chile's flag VTR
Costa Rica's flag Cabletica Canal 41
Ecuador Flag Cable TV Group Canal 310 (SD)
Canal 766 (HD)
Venezuela's flag Neptune Barquisimeto:
Channel 21
Venezuela's flag SuperCable Caracas:
Channel 39
Mexican flag izzi Canal 223 (SD)
Canal 850 (HD)
Mexican flag Megacable Canal 215 (SD)
Canal 1215 (HD)
Paraguay flag Bolivian flag Colombia's flag You Paraguay:
Canal 253 (SD)
Canal 785 (HD)
Canal 312 (SD)
Canal 742 (HD)
Canal 57 (SD)
Canal 304 (HD)
Honduras flag Mayavisión Canal 31
Colombia's flag Chile's flag Peru flag
Ecuador Flag Honduras flag
Claro TV
Channel 611 (SD)
Channel 1611 (HD)
Channel 107 (SD)
Channel 607 (HD)
Channel 23 (SD)
Channel 556 (HD)
Channel 233 (SD)
Channel 733 (HD)
Channel 38 (Analog)
Channel 176 (Digital)
Channel 584 (HD)
Peru flag Movistar TV Canal 114 (SD)
Canal 726 (HD)
Peru flag Star Globalcom Canal 27
Argentina's flag Telecentre Channel 35 (Analog)
Channel 421 (Digital)
Channel 1039 (HD)
Flag of panama Onda Cable Canal 433 (SD)
Canal 1433 (HD)
Argentina's flag Superchannel Channel 72 (Analog)
Channel 428 (HD)
Chile's flag Coltrahue Digital Canal 20.1
Flag of dominican republic Altice Canal 308
Venezuela's flag Inter Canal 33
Colombia's flag Colcable Ibagué:
Channel 28 (Analogue)
Channel 22 (HD)
Flag of dominican republic Argentina's flag Colombia's flag Claro TV Dominican Republic:
Channel 212 (SD)
Channel 1212 (HD)
Channel 315 (HD)
Channel 1611 (HD)
Chile's flag Gtd/Telsur Canal 156 (SD)
Canal 866 (HD)
Colombia's flag ETB Canal 305 (HD)
Argentina's flag Dibox Canal 214
Chile's flag Argentina's flag Colombia's flag Movistar TV Chile:
Canal 506 (SD)
Canal 861 (HD)
Canal 366 (HD)
Canal 318 (HD)
Colombia's flag You Canal 57
Bolivian flag Entel Canal 91

A&E is a Latin American subscription television channel of American origin, a regional variant of the original channel . Its programming focused on the broadcasting of biographies, documentaries, and series (especially dramas, police and mysteries), but later it was expanded to include reality television as well . It has a reach of 32 million homes in Latin America . [ 1 ]

It is owned by A + E Networks , has a partnership with Ole Communications , [ 2 ] and is currently distributed to the region by Ole Distribution , a company formed between Ole Communications and WarnerMedia . [ 3 ]


The channel, which originally focused on biographies , documentaries and drama series (especially crimes and mysteries), has expanded into other areas such as reality shows and music; the latter transmitting video clips; also it included the broadcast of musical events, broadcasting the Festival of Vine of the Sea of Chile , transmitted in 2004 and since 2009 live and live until 2014, [ 4 ] [ 5 ] as from 2015 happened to output from the channel HTV and TNT [ 6 ] [7 ] and begins airing the Independent Spirit Awards since 2017 .

The channel began in Latin America in 1996, through a partnership between A&E and HBO Latin America Group , with the purpose of the Mundo Ole documentary channel that had been broadcasting since 1997. Thanks to this association that occurred two years later, productions of the mark Biography , recognized one of the programs of the channel at the time, and received two Emmy Awards in 1999 and 2002. [ 8 ]

Over the years, the "A&E" brand was gaining more presence within the channel until it finally got rid of the word "World" in 2005 and had its current identity. Its headquarters for this region are located in Caracas , Venezuela and in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil .

The high definition signal was launched on August 2, 2012 for Latin America.

From subtitling to dubbing

As of the second half of 2008, A&E Latin America began broadcasting its programming dubbed into Latin American Spanish, leaving aside subtitles. Much of the programming was dubbed in Venezuela and Colombia at VC Medios studios, where they also dubbed SpongeBob in the same studio .

However, there was still a minimal amount of programs in the original language, some examples of them are The Beast and Numb3rs series .

Currently, the channel offers a secondary audio track in English with the audio of the programs in the original language.

On-screen programming guide with gross errors

The synopses of the programs leave a lot to be desired. For example, the summary of "The Prophecy" began with "An American businessman ...", when in fact it was about an American businessman. It is assumed that the people who write the guide should have a minimum educational level so as not to confuse "America" ​​(a continent) with "United States" (a country of the 35 that has America).

Signal structure

The channel is made up of 7 regionalized signals, including one in HD.

  • Signal Mexico: Signal issued exclusively for this country. Its reference time corresponds to that of Mexico City (UTC-6 / -5 DST).
  • Panregional Signal: Signal issued for Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Central America, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Its reference time corresponds to that of Bogotá (UTC-5).
  • Venezuela Signal: Signal issued exclusively for this country, adopted under the Venezuelan law Resorte. Its reference time corresponds to that of Caracas (UTC-4).
  • Chile Signal: Signal issued exclusively for this country. Its reference time is that of Santiago (UTC-4 / -3 DST).
  • South Signal: Issued for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its reference time corresponds to that of Buenos Aires (UTC-3).
  • Brazil Signal: Signal available in Brazilian Portuguese and distributed exclusively for this country. Its reference time is that of Brasilia (UTC-3).
  • HD signal : available for South American countries. Its reference times are those of Bogotá (UTC-5), Caracas (UTC-4) and Buenos Aires (UTC-3).


  • Most of the regionalized signals are broadcast in high definition simultaneously with the signal in standard resolution for most cable operators.
  • The HD signal is aimed at satellite television operators, but it is not broadcast simultaneously with the regionalized standard signals.


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