A3Bandas - A3Bandas

Rayden , DJ Mesh and Lumier at Zaragoza Ciudad 2009.
General data
Origin Alcalá de Henares , Madrid SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Artistic information
Genders) Rap, Hip hop
Period of activity 2000 — 2018
Label (s) Good
Website Group Myspace

A3Bandas is a group of rap of Alcala de Henares ( Madrid ) formed by DJ Mesh , Lumier and Rayden .


DJ Mesh (Jorge Gómez Mateo, DJ ), Lumier currently known as Chakal (José Caballero Gómez, MC ) and Rayden (David Martínez Álvarez, MC, world champion in 2006 in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos and Producer and writer ) they founded the Assamite group in 2001 . After 2 years, in 2003 they released their first demo called " Técnicas de atake ", a demo with which they began to perform concerts in the Madrid capital. This group is from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

Later, they decided to change the name of the group to be called A3Bandas . They became known for their victories in various competitions such as Lebuqe's " Project Demo " contest . Contest that they won with the theme " A cape and sword " from their second demo ( There is no simile , made up of 17 tracks).

They began to appear in several Hip hop compilations such as Yo rap tu chita , Arde el subuelo and Underground promises 4 . In 2006 A3Bandas joined the group called Eternia non players and released its latest demo, but not the latest work, under the name of Zigurat , composed of 11 tracks with collaborations by Carpe DM , Laprima, Ehler Danloss , Alexo and Bajo Minimimos.

Individually, the components Lumier and Rayden (MC) , participated in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos in 2006, a competition that Rayden won in Colombia worldwide, going through the semifinal of Madrid and the national final, although Lumier was not so successful appearing in the semifinal of Zaragoza but without passing the first round. In 2007 , A3Bandas joined the Boa record label , where they published a Maxi entitled " The Rats Room ".

The first album by A3Bandas , called "Galería de héroes" was released on June 11, 2008 , consisting of 15 songs and with collaborations by Ferran MDE , Trafik (from Dementors), Dogma Crew , Duo Kie and Bajo Minimimos .

In 2009 they join "Crew Cuervos", made up of multiple MCs such as Zenit, Ferran, Artes, etc ... Whose album is called "Carrie".

In 2010 Rayden and Lumier prepare their solo work.

Rayden's LP is titled "It Was Written" and has 14 tracks featuring MC's from the Spanish rap scene like "Nach", "Seih", "Lumier", "MCKlopedia" and "Isaac".

Later, after attending his appointment with Crew Cuervos on the album published in the same year ("Héroes y Villanos"), Rayden presents "Mosaico", the second solo work by the Madrid artist, a joint member of A3Bandas and Crew Cuervos. The album appears on sale on November 6, 2012 through Boa Music. Contains a total of 14 songs plus bonus tracks. It also appears for sale on a digipak with a DVD.

In November 2014 another project by the artist called "En Alma y Hueso" came to light, accompanied by a varied repertoire consisting of 19 songs with collaborations by other MC's.

In 2017 Rayden released the album called Antónimo through the Warner Music label, which consists of 14 songs where he presents a different style from his previous albums, with collaborations by Carmen Boza, Mäbu and Leonor Waitling.

On June 3, in an interview done by Mowlihawk with Rayden, he confirmed that A3Bandas have separated, ending the activity of the band for reasons of communication between the members.


Crew Ravens



  • "Mosaico" (2012)
  • "In soul and bone" ( 2014 )


  • "La orbe de Isis" (2012)


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