A3stus - A3stus

General information
origin Brandenburg / Berlin ,GermanyGermany Germany
Genre(s) Hip-Hop
founding 2014
Current occupation
Life , Rap
Patrick Killat (Villain051)
Vocals , guitar
Live and session members
Drums, vocals
Evil Goat

A3stus is a right-wing extremist hip-hop duo from Brandenburg and Berlin . Both members and two other people associated with the group are due to sedition and fraud accused.


Patrick Killat, better known in the scene as " Villain051 ", has been active in the right-wing scene since 2010. Initially, Killat cooperated with the rapper Dee Ex (Mia Herm). With the singer-songwriter RaW, whose acronym stands for “right to truth”, he founded the rap duo A3stus. [1] RaW is also a member of the Free Comradeship " Barnim Friendship ". [2]

In early 2014, the group released a music video showing them in front of the asylum seekers' home in Berlin-Hellersdorf. The racist song contained, among other things, the line of text “We're taking to the streets to overthrow this system. For our German country we go into battle today. " [1]

The duo appeared in the vicinity of NPD events, at demonstrations by Pegida offshoots as well as at the demonstration of hooligans against Salafists in Cologne and at demos against planned refugee homes. [3] However, the Pegida distanced in Bautzen of the group. [4] [5] Occasionally, the duo also appears as a trio with the drummer "Evil Goat" from Velten . [6] On October 31, 2014, the Berlin police prevented a release concert for the first album Wehret the beginnings of the duo, which the two published in their own distribution. [7]


In May 2015, the state criminal investigation offices of Berlin and Brandenburg examined ten objects that were connected to the duo and initiated investigations into incitement against four people. The reason for this is the song against the plague . In this song the band calls for hatred and violence against Jews . In the chorus of the song, which alludes to the forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , [8] it says: “The Protocols are written, nothing is real anymore. The Elders of Zion have prevailed. We have to stand together against the plague. ” [1] In addition to the two members of the duo, the proceedings are also directed against Evil Goat[9] and the uploader of the video on YouTube . During the raid, several CDs and storage media with relevant music as well as various weapons and weapon-like objects as well as amphetamines were seized. Patrick Killat is also beinginvestigatedfor social security fraudbecause he did not properly report the proceeds from his CD sales. [3]

The group's only album to date was indexed on August 12, 2015 by the Federal Inspectorate for Media Harmful to Young People . [10]

Music style and ideology

The duo mixes spoken singing with the songwriting style popular in the right-wing extremist scene , such as Frank Rennicke and Michael Müller practice. RaW is responsible for acoustic guitar and vocals, while Killat acts as a rapper. Occasionally they are supported by the drummer “Evil Goat”. The texts are racist and nationalist and openly anti-Semitic . They also use their Facebook page to spread further propaganda related to Pegida and the hooligans against Salafists. The duo has connections in addition to the “ Barnim friendship“, A group from the camaraderie scene, whose organization is based on Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs . Politically, one is close to the NPD . The NPD district member Marcel Zech was present at a video shoot of the band. [11] [7]

Observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Killat and his project have been listed in the reports for the protection of the constitution by the Berlin and the Brandenburg Constitution Protection since 2017 . [12] [13] [14] In the Verfassungsschutz report of the Verfassungsschutz Sachsen 2017 a song recital on May 27, 2017 in Brand-Erbisdorf district of Gränitz, participants approx. 40 with admittedly free (Saxony), fell (MVP) and villAin051 (singer from A3stus) listed. [15]

In the case of the right-wing extremist music of the Berlin constitution protection agency [16] , which was published in at least four issues, one of the four images on the cover of the 4th edition from 2016 shows the A3stus logo. [17]


  • 2014: Wehret the beginnings (self-distribution, indexed) [8]

Individual evidence

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