A 184 (Torpedo) - A 184 (Torpedo)

A 184 (Torpedo)
General Information
Designation: A 184
Country of origin: Italy
Manufacturer: Whitehead Alenia Underwater Systems , EuroTorp
Working time: since 1974
Technical specifications
Long: 6 m
Diameter: 533 mm
Combat weight: 1265 kg
Drive: Electric motor with silver oxide zinc battery
Speed: 36 kn (66,67 km/h)
Range: 13,5 sm (25 km)
Warhead: 250 kg, Hochexplosiv
Target location: Wire steering and passive / active sonar
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The A 184 is a 53.3 cm caliber torpedo for anti submarine and ship defense made by the Italian manufacturer Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei (WASS).


The original model Whitehead Motofides A 184was developed in the 1970s and had two homing and guidance systems. In the first phase of the attack, the torpedo is guided close to the target by wire. If the panoramic search head is active, the wires are cut and the search head begins the passive search. In the final phase, the torpedo actively searches and automatically increases the attack speed. Like most electrically powered torpedoes, the A 184 has a silver-zinc battery. As already described, the drive is set to two speeds. A slow one for the first part of the attack and a high one for the last, active phase of the attack. The Mediterranean proved to be difficult terrain for the A 184. As a result, the Italian engineers developed a smaller torpedo, the A244-S .

The A 184 can be used by submarines and surface vessels. It is now being produced in the third generation under the names Black Shark [1] and A184 mod.3 [2] and has been modernized accordingly.


The A184 is the standard 533mm diameter torpedo in the Marina Militare .



Individual evidence

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