At 2.50 the free Cuba - A 2.50 la Cuba libre

At 2.50 the free Cuba
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At 2.50 la Cuba libre is the first hyper - realistic play in Venezuela written, produced and directed by the Venezuelan writer Ibrahim Guerra . It was released 23 of November of 1982 , in room Rajatabla the Ateneo de Caracas . In 2009 it was presented again under the production of Lazo Producciones and the direction of Luis Fernández [ 1 ] based on the original script. The play was presented in different theaters in Venezuela until 2012, with actresses such as Mimí Lazo , Nohely Arteaga , Beatriz Valdés , Lourdes Valera , Haydée Balza , Rosalinda Serfaty , Daniela Alvarado , Beatriz Vásquez , Mirtha Pérez , Chelo Rodríguez , Hilda Abrahamz , Amanda Gutiérrez , Mayra Alejandra , Carmen Julia Álvarez , Nacarid Escalona , among others.

Scenic space

The play takes place in a bar. Unlike a play with a usual room where the audience and the actors are in different spaces, the stage is the entire premises where there are tables for diners, in this case, the public, the actresses develop all the drama between the consuming public. On the tables are 1 bottle of rum and Coca Cola soda, cooler and napkins, the alcohol mixed with the soda makes the drink known as Cubalibre and will be consumed by the public during the work. The entire theater room is set in such a way that it is a Caracas bar also called a "medicine cabinet." The actresses receive the viewer and place them at the different tables, by now the jukebox is working.


Doris Josefina, alias La Caimana : She was born in the city of Cali in Colombia and is 39 years old. She was in different homes where she was mistreated, when she turned 15 she moved to Maracaibo, leaving her last home. She started working in a bar as a dancer and then moved to Caracas where she worked as a clerk for different night clubs. With the savings he was able to obtain, he bought a bar called "El Acuario".

Carmen Alicia, alias, Blanca Rosa : She is 42 years old, she is a violent and depressed woman due to the death of her son from starvation and the disappointments that she has suffered without being successful in her love life. He has only been able to find solace in alcohol and bolero singer Blanca Rosa Gil.

Eneida, alias La Sabrosa : She is a 26-year-old maracucha who lives in Caracas. She always lived in a very poor neighborhood accompanied by her brothers and her mother. She always had the intention of getting married and after a failure and her long search she manages to share her life with a police officer who allows her to work as a clerk at the El Acuario bar.

Yajaira, aka La Enrollada : She was born in Barinas and is 25 years old. Her family is very humble and she becomes pregnant very young. She dropped out of her studies and decides to have an abortion, resulting in her being sterile by the method used. She got a job as a waitress in a local bar but, so as not to embarrass her family about the job, she moved to Caracas. She started working at El Acuario and six months later the owner (La Caimana) warned her that if she did not improve, she would be thrown out on the streets.

Lourdes Coromoto, aka La Güevona : She was raised by a family who found her abandoned as a baby. He is 24 years old and worked collecting garbage from the markets of Caracas. At the age of 12 she was raped by her adoptive father. He started working in some brothels in La Guaira when he was just 17 years old, but decided to enter El Acuario. She became pregnant and the father of the child abandoned her.

Original Cast of Caracas 1982

  • La Caimana: Nacki Guttman.
  • Blanca Rosa: Teresa Selma and Eva Moreno.
  • La Sabrosa: Carlota Sosa.
  • La Enrollada: Virginia Urdaneta.
  • La Güevona: María Elena Dávila.


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