A 7150 - A 7150

robotron CM 1910 an Bildschirm robotron K 7229.25

The Robotron A 7150 was a 16-bit personal computer from the GDR . It came onto the market in January 1988 as the successor to the A 7100 . It was incorporated into the system of small computers of the RGW under the designation CM 1910 . Most computers were sold under this name.

As the A 7100 had the A 7150 as a Soviet CPU Intel 8086 - Clone , the k1810bm86 . Thanks to business with the Federal Republic of Germany and other NSW states , there were a lot of systems that were also marketed with the Intel 8086 , mostly in combination with the Intel 8087 coprocessor . The hardware was designed so that the A 7150 - in contrast to the A 7100 - was (to a limited extent) PC-compatible. A clone of MS-DOS ( DCP ) ran accordingly . Inside, in addition to the two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives , a 5.25-inchHard drive . Usually this was an MFM hard drive with a capacity of 20 or 40 MB . In the last versions of the A 7150 it was even possible to install a second hard drive.

Most models of the A 7150 still had a connection for a graphics tablet , with which point coordinates and lines could be transferred to the computer. A suitable driver and graphics program were required for this.

As other operating systems besides DCP also came SCP1700 (V3.x CP / M-86 - Clone ) MUTOS1700 ( UNIX clone) or rare BOS1810 (RTOS) used.


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