A Bell Will Ring - A Bell Will Ring

«A Bell Will Ring»
Sencillo de Oasis
del álbum Don't Believe The Truth
Genders) Rock
Duration 3:08
Record label Big Brother
Author (s) Gem Archer
Producer (s) Dave Sardy, Noel Gallagher

" A Bell Will Ring " is a song by Oasis which appears on their 2005 album " Don't Believe The Truth " . It was composed by Gem Archer , guitarist of the band since 1999, and ex-member of the group Heavy Stereo. Its duration is just over three minutes. The theme of the song is about being optimistic and not allowing yourself to be overcome by adversity. Jokingly, the band says it's about bassist Andy Bell . Who constantly called the brothers Liam and Noel Gallagherto rehearse, and as Noel recounted in a television interview, the song refers to his constant calls that tormented him. He also tells a story about a time she called him at two in the morning and woke him up. "A bell will ring inside your head", says the chorus , which means "a bell will ring in your head", but considering that it says "A Bell" it would refer to Andy Bell.