A. Bernecker Verlag - A. Bernecker Verlag

A. Bernecker Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1869
Seat Melsungen , Germany
management Conrad Fischer
Branch Publishing house, printing house
Website www.bernecker.de/

The A. Bernecker Verlag , based in Melsungen was founded in 1869 by August Bernecker and first gained attention with the publication of the weekly newspaper "Melsunger weekly". Today the medium-sized publishing house, which is still run as a family business, consists of the printing and publishing sectors.


Founding years and the "Melsunger Wochenblatt" (1869–1983)

In 1869 the East Prussian August Bernecker founded the Bernecker printing and publishing house in the Melsungen district. At the beginning of the same year, on January 13, 1869, the publishing house first published the "Melsunger Wochenblatt", which was then still printed with a hand press, with a print run of 200 copies. The weekly newspaper was the first regular news paper in the small German town of Melsungen. [1]

In 1903 Konrad Bernecker, the son of founder August Bernecker, joined the company. Under his leadership, the “Melsunger Wochenblatt” became the “Melsunger Tageblatt” in 1916 and was published daily from then on. The publishing house in Kasselerstraße also belonged to the publishing house. In the Heimat SchollenVerlag founded in 1920 by Konrad Bernecker, a lively publishing activity in the local history area arose. Heinrich Ruppel, Ernst Metz, were the publisher's best-known authors in the region to this day. The chronicle "Handbuch des Kreises Melsungen" appeared from 1920. In 1924 Konrad Bernecker took over the Wilhelm Hopf publishing house in Melsungen. [2]

During the First and Second World Wars , both the newspaper and the publishing house itself survived despite economic difficulties. The actual company heir, Helmut Bernecker, fell on November 28, 1942 in Stalingrad. The edition of the Melsunger Tageblatt planned for Easter Saturday 1945 could no longer be printed due to a lack of electricity. On September 1, 1949, the local newspaper appeared again for the first time after the war.

The "Melsunger Tageblatt" and the post-war years (1947–1984)

In October 1947, the bookseller Angela Fischer, Konrad Bernecker's granddaughter, joined the company before taking over the company completely in 1965 with her husband Otto Fischer. The production of the Melsunger Tageblatt was discontinued on February 12, 1970 and from then on the publishing house devoted itself to other tasks, mainly in the publication of learning aids, magazines and in the technical printing industry. [3]

The years under Conrad Fischer: 1984 - today

In 1984 Conrad Fischer was appointed managing director and continues to run the company in the fifth generation of the Bernecker family. In 1991 the MediaWare Gesellschaft für Kommunikationlösungen mbH was founded under his leadership. One year later, Bernecker Verlag became an independent GmbH, and at the turn of the millennium, MediaWare becomes a small stock corporation. In 1993 the new weekly "Heimat Nachrichten" appeared for the first time in the publishing house. Günter Schabowski worked here as a senior editor for several years . [4]

In 1999, the family company took part in the CeBIT IT trade fair for the first time , and Conrad Fischer presented his pioneering project "Webprint: Printing via the Internet" there. [5]

In 2001 the weekly newspaper "Heimat Nachrichten" was sold. At the turn of the year from 2013 to 2014, the world's first printing press with camera-based quality monitoring went into operation at Bernecker. [6]

Today A. Bernecker Verlag, Druckerei Bernecker GmbH, Bernecker MediaWare AG and Die Pharmadrucker GmbH are independent companies within the Bernecker Group.


A. Bernecker Verlag has published magazines, newspapers and books that specialize in the North Hesse region and its residents. Learning aids for schoolchildren are also published by Bernecker Verlag. These became known in the 1970s and 1980s under the name "The chic sliding panel". In autumn 2017 all Bernecker titles were bibliographed by the Kassel University Library [7] . A large part of Konrad Bernecker's extensive regional activities was bequeathed to the library.

Magazines / periodicals

  • FuturePlan Magazine
  • Confederation + profession
  • Melsungen is worth it
  • GVBL
  • GVBL 2
  • Hessian mountain messenger
  • Jerome
  • Vital North Hesse

Books (selection)

  • Kassel and the aviation industry since 1923
  • 825 years of Melsungen
  • ... until Hitler sank into the moor!
  • Kassel different
  • Northern Hesse hiking guide
  • International Law / Volume I
  • Internationales Recht / Band II
  • Mediawissen Band 1
  • Mediawissen Band 2
  • Bux's cookbook
  • GOLF in the cartoon
  • Melsungen illustrated book
  • Kassel cookbook from the 50s
  • Northern Hesse in the picture
  • Melsungen in the twenties
  • Happy hearts
  • Castles and palaces in Hessenland
  • Recipes from the home stove
  • Roving Sands
  • Melsungen in old pictures
  • Yearbook of the old district Melsungen
  • 800 years of the city of Melsungen
  • Gallions, wives and tides
  • Up on the yellow car
  • Ilona is looking for a home
  • Rest at the destination
  • ... and I thought it was just me ...
  • Summer 1912

Learning aids

  • Learning aid »Latin grammar«
  • "English grammar" learning aid
  • "German Grammar" learning aid
  • Learning aid »French grammar«
  • Learning aid »Mathematics up to grade 10«
  • Sliding board - to prepare for the cycling test


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