A Brush with Death - A Brush with Death

German title A Brush with Death
Original title A Brush with Death
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2009
Long 80 minutes
Age rating FSK 16[1]
Director Brad Wiebe
script Jordan Wiebe
production Nick Soares
Brad Wiebe
music Marc Padgett
Camera John Kelly
cut Nick Soares
Brad Wiebe

A Brush with Death is an American horror film directed by Brad Wiebe from 2009. According to the opening credits, the film should be based on true events.


Five cheerleading friends want to spend a few days off at Hillary's uncle's vacation home. But they already run out of gas on the way to the comfortable villa, so they stop on a country road. A little later a truck approaches , from which a strange old man gets out and introduces his young companion as his assistant, Caleb. While Caleb fetches a canister of gasoline from the truck, the old man makes the girls an immoral offer, whereupon the young women turn away in disgust. Only one of the girls, Amber, is distracted as the young woman tries to have a conversation with Caleb, which it turns out to be stuttering badly, but she doesn't let that put her off.

Memories come to mind in Caleb's mind. A couple comes into the gas station that the old man called Walter runs with his help. Walter shoots the man and hits the woman over the head with the gun, so that she sinks to the floor. He then forces Caleb to sit the woman on a chair, undress her and kiss her. He himself photographs the action in increasing excitement.

After the girls got rid of the two men, they continued towards the villa. Once there, they can have fun in the pool. When it gets too cold for them, they want to turn on the pool heater and one of them runs to the pool house to turn on the heater. There she meets a young man who introduces himself to her as Rankin and says that he only came by because he saw her and that he lives only a few miles away. The girls invite Rankin to bathe in the pool and they have fun. When they go into the house, Candice remains unnoticed by them at first. The young people do not notice that the lively crowd is being watched the entire time by someone hiding behind a fence.

In a conversation, the girls from Rankin learn that there is a so-called haunted house in their vicinity, in which a boy murdered his entire family. The girls come up with the obscure idea of ​​wanting to spend the following night in this killer house. Looking back, scenes are faded in that take place in the "Haunted House" in 1954 and show two brothers, the older of whom is constantly putting the younger under pressure by asking him to prove to him by repugnant deeds that he loves him more than anything else on the island World.

The next day, Candice also remains missing, her four friends tell each other that she must have gone jogging safely. While Samantha is on a walk with Rankin and Megan and Hillary want to get candles for the horror night in the haunted house at the gas station, Amber is supposed to stay behind in the house and wait for Candice. Samantha and Rankin have now reached the haunted house, although Rankin was actually against it and only enters the house reluctantly. When you reach the upper floor, you sit down on a bed. Rankin assumes that Samantha agrees to have sex with him and reacts irritably when she resists and refuses. Annoyed, he leaves the house where Samantha stays behind and falls asleep on the bed.

Megan and Hillary meet Caleb, who obviously wants to go fishing, on the way to the gas station, which they have to walk to after Hillary's car has disappeared from the garage. He informs her that the gas station is closed. The girls find another way to get candles. All of a sudden, Caleb joins Amber, who has stayed in the villa. The young woman pleasantly begins a conversation with him and invites him to take part in the planned horror night in the haunted house.

Samantha wakes up in the breaking darkness and is about to leave when she discovers pictures showing people painted with red paint that looks like blood. With one of these painted people the color is still very fresh. Scared by noises, Samantha tries to hide, but is prevented from doing so by a man who lives in the old house.

In the evening, Megan and Hillary come to the haunted house with the candles, as they suspect that their three friends are already there. They have the same fate as Samantha and Candice. Amber also comes to the house accompanied by Caleb, assuming that the other girls are already there. She finds her friends grouped around a table, equipped with a device that draws their blood from them. The girls are no longer able to react.

As it turns out shortly afterwards, the speech impaired is the son of the man who still lives there and is the boy who once killed his entire family. It is he who sucks the blood from the body of the young girls, which he uses to paint his pictures. He now wants to do the same with Amber, but is attacked and strangled by Caleb. Amber manages to free herself, who is desperately looking for a way out. In the meantime the perpetrator has come to and injured his own son's head so badly that a large pool of blood indicates that he will soon have bled to death. When the man leans over Caleb to take blood from him, Amber hits him from behind with a hammer over the head. Then she storms out of the house in panic and runs towards an approaching car, in which she recognizes Rankin to her great joy. She begs him to get her to safety as soon as possible when Rankin's cell phone rings and the voice of the man from the killer house answers and implores Rankin: “Rankin, who do you love most in the world, my son? "


Production notes

It is a production by Stainless Steel Entertainment. The film was shot in the San Joaquin Valley , California. The budget was $ 200,000.


All compositions are by Marc Padgett:

  • Handguns
  • A Brush with Death Theme
  • Same Song Twice
  • You All Died
  • One of a Kind
  • I’d Like to Kill You
  • Shukah Bounce by Sole Profit with Relic



The film premiered in the US on January 4, 2007 in Visalia , California and on March 6, 2007 in the US in general. The film was released in Germany on July 24, 2009.

A Brush with Death was released on August 14, 2009 with a German soundtrack on DVD, published by Tiberius Film. [2]


The lexicon of international film stated unflatteringly:

"Mindless horror film variant that enriches your hillbilly phobia with a pinch of sex."

Kino.de drew the conclusion: “Low budget horror without particular highlights.” Previously it was stated: “Slasher dramaturgy by the numbers embraces the inclined viewer from the first shot, in which we are with a group of uninhibited maids Luxury goods advertising in a convertible roar towards the hinterland in the safe expectation of a murderous and undoubtedly incest-beaten clan of disturbed people, among whom a young handsome gentleman might be won over to civilization, but certainly worth a sin. No special incidents in the Sex & Violence department, just predictable back forest horror of the C-Class. " [4]

Christopher Armstead from Film Critics United couldn't get anything out of the film, spoke of extreme boredom and admiration for the author and director, who had made this film on a microscopic budget, which was quite difficult, but did not mean that the film was good, because it is exactly the opposite of good. The fact that he finished it anyway is to be admired. The film just doesn't make sense, from the murderous gas station attendant to flashbacks to the 50s, to the creepy house and the guy who lives in it, to the stutterer. The dialogues are extremely boring, the actresses are nice to look at, but that cannot hide their problems. [5]

The criticism on the Full Animal Summer site was also devastating. Only the scenes with flashbacks received praise. Had those subplots ruled the film, the film would have deserved a better judgment. The performances of the male actors, especially those of the child actors Cody Kinney and Scott Chedester, who could be seen as a young Ronnie and his brother Michael, were the best. The female characters, on the other hand, are just terrible. They are all interchangeable and without personality and just poorly played by the actresses. In no moment did you perceive them as real people who interested you. [6]


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