The Eagle - A Águia

The Eagle
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country Portugal
Headquarters Port
Foundation 1910
End of publication 1932
Language Portuguese
Frequency each 15 days
ISSN 0874-4262

A Águia wasfirstabimonthly magazine , and then a monthly one, of literature , art , science , philosophy and social criticism , published in Porto between 1910 and 1932, as an organ of expression of the movement of socio-cultural action called " Renascença Portuguesa ".


The most fruitful period of the magazine corresponds to the years 1912 to 1916, when the Renaissance movement was in full swing. Despite having had several different editors, most of the issues were published under the direction of Teixeira de Pascoaes , considered the greatest exponent and theorizer of metaphysical saudosismo , which inspired a good part of the literary production published in the magazine that inspiredou boa parte. da produção literária ali published. In Spanish the title of the magazine means "the eagle."

The magazine began its journey in December 1910, describing itself as an illustrated fortnightly book of literature and criticism , and having Álvaro Pinto as its director and owner . From 1912 it became the property of the Portuguese Renascença , describing itself as its "organ" at that time, and with Tércio de Miranda as director. In the period between 1912 and 1932, Teixeira de Pascoaes , António Carneiro , Leonardo Coimbra , Teixeira Rego , Hernâni Cidade , Casais Monteiro , Sant'Anna Dionísio , Aarão de Lacerda also held the position of director.and Delfim Santos .

A Águia exercised a profound aesthetic and ideological influence on a good part of the Portuguese intelligentsia of the first quarter of the 20th century , bringing together authors of different aesthetic tendencies under the common ideal of literary nationalism. In it, intellectuals of such diverse training as Teixeira de Pascoaes and Leonardo Coimbra , cultivators of surrealism , Saudiism or symbolism , authors such as Mário Beirão , Afonso Lopes Vieira , António Correia de Oliveira , Jaime Cortesão or Augusto Casimiro published.. These last two then left the group to form the Seara Nova , continuing their work there.

Among the many contributors to the magazine is Veiga Simões , a follower of impressionism ; Augusto Santa Rita and Ronald de Carvalho , delusional symbolists, of a caricatural style, fertile in synesthesia , or Viscount de Vila-Moura, a supporter of reactionism, with Nietzschean influences .

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