A. Dog Food - A. Cação Automóveis

A. Cação Automóveis Lda.
legal form Limited society
founding 1983 or 1985 [1]
Seat Figueira da Foz , Portugal
Branch Automobile manufacturer

A. Cação Automóveis Lda. is an automobile workshop and was a Portuguese manufacturer of automobiles for several years .

Entrance to the workshop today (2013)


The company is primarily an automotive workshop. [2] It is located at Rua 10 de Agosto 103-109 in Figueira da Foz . [2] In 1982, the development began an automobile , the 1983 or 1985 [1] was produced and marketed. Production ended in 1995. The company still exists today as a workshop. [2]

Facade of the workshop today (2013)


The only model sport car was a wedge-shaped vehicle with a fiberglass body , which was optionally available as a convertible [3] or as a coupé with gull-wing doors [4] . It offered space for 2 + 2 people. The vehicle had a tubular frame as a chassis . A built-in engine from VW in the rear provided the drive . There was a choice of four - cylinder boxer engines with a displacement of 1200 cc and 34 hpPower, 1300 cm³ and 40 PS, 1500 cm³ and 44 PS as well as 1600 cm³ and 50 PS. The vehicle length was 392 cm, the vehicle width 162 cm and the vehicle height 122 cm. [5]

Production numbers

The planned production number was 5 vehicles per month. [5] That would be around 600 vehicles in 10 years. It is not known how many vehicles were actually produced.

Sales organization

The company sold its vehicles under the brand name AC .



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