To dog face - A cara de perro

A dog face it was a TV show in Spain that aired every Wednesday, at 00:45, in four of Mediaset Spain . The program premiered on 14 as June as 2017 and ended on 19 July as as 2017 and is presented by the exboxer Javier Roche's known as 'the junkyard'. [ 1 ]


To the face of the dog , it is a protest format against the animal abuse that occurs in our country and that is becoming more and more frequent. Javier Roche will be in charge of dealing with the various cases that come to the program together with his team in which anonymous people report animal abuse and no one did anything before. From abandonment of dogs, to illegal sale of puppies to poorly nourished sheep farms. [ 2 ]


A week after starting the program, the news came to light that Javier Roche, the program's host, was arrested for alleged gender violence. After spending a night in judicial offices, the former boxer was released on charges. He is attributed the crimes of: discovery and disclosure of secrets, robbery at someone else's home, threats and harassment that ended up being all a lie. [ 3 ]

The program involves four delivered on July 5th of the 2017 rescued a dog named Many brown that was wild and did not own. The program took over from him captained by Javier Roche. On the same day of the broadcast, the program before starting it broadcast previous images of the case and the dog was black, and the surprise was that Javier captured a tan-colored dog also called Many. The public on social networks was on top and the association of the town where the dog was alleges that the program tricked the case to get medals since that dog was not the one that was abandoned that died days later without being able to do anything. The producer of the program FremantleMedia ESP alleges error in narrative joining two different cases in oneself. [4]

Because of the controversies in which the program has involved four decided to broadcast the program from the 12 July of the 2017 in the Gaza late-night. [ 5 ]

List of programs

Program Title Date of issue Audience Ref
1 El toro de la Vega and reala of abused hunting dogs June 14, 2017 1 664 000 (10,0%) [6]
2 Farm in Titaguas and dogs locked in caves June 21, 2017 1 075 000 (7,1%) [7]
3 CATAD reception center and illegal rams fights June 28, 2017 786 000 (4,9%) [8]
4 Horses in garbage dumps and war in dolphinariums July 5, 2017 961 000 (6,4%) [9]
5 Traveling circuses and complaints at the Castellar Zoo July 12, 2017 385 000 (8,9%) [10]
6 Woman with Noah Syndrome and dog pen in Los Realejos July 19, 2017 273 000 (7,1%) [11]

Dog Face (2017)

Season Date Programs Chain Viewers Share
Season 1: Dog Face 2017 6 Four 857 000 7,4%


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