Father's Face - A Cara do Pai

La Cara del Padre is ahumorous Brazilian television series produced and exhibited by Red Globo that premiered on December 18 , 2016 and ended on December 31 , 2017 . Idealized by Paulo Cursino and Leandro Hassum and roteirized by Daniel Adjafre, with the general and artistic direction of Fabrício Mamberti .

With Mel Maia , Leandro Hassum, Alessandra Maestrini, Kaik Brum, Pietra Hassum, Cristiana Pompeo, Walter Breda and Thiago Rodrigues and the first actress Betty Faria .


Théo (Leandro Hassum) is a comedian divorced from Sílvia (Alessandra Maestrini) who makes a living doing stand-up shows with his 10-year-old daughter Duda ( Mel Maia ). With the end of the wedding, he found himself facing the greatest challenge of his life: proving to everyone, including himself, that he is capable of being a present, partner and responsible father.

Except that his desire to do the right things is only matched by his talent for choosing the wrong paths. Luckily Duda is a mature girl to enxergar that behind the country to there confused and disheveled and there is someone capable of loving her more than anything else: the best father in the world!


  • Leandro Hassum interprets Théo Moreira : Comedian, divorced and father of Duda. A little irresponsible, but big-hearted. In love with the daughter, he does everything to please Duda, but most of the time he only still embarrasses.
  • Mel Maia plays Maria Eduarda "Duda" Moreira: Daughter of Théo and Silvia, with ten years, she manages to be more alert and mature than her parents. Even dying of Theo's shame, he understands his efforts and never doubts his love.
  • Alessandra Maestrini plays Sílvia : Théo's ex-wife and Duda's mother. Controller, she lives with her ex because of her irresponsibility. But for her daughter, she is capable of anything, even getting along with Théo, or at least trying.
  • Betty Faria plays Iolanda's mother-in-law to Théo Moreira.
  • Cristiana Pompeo interprets Joana Macedo : Independent, she created alone her only daughter, Alice. Ex-girlfriend and current neighbor of Théo. The two end up becoming good friends.
  • Pietra Hassum plays Alice Macedo : Joana's daughter, a modern teenager and over-trend- conscious , becomes Duda's best friend and confidant.
  • Thiago Rodrigues plays Ricardo : Sílvia's current boyfriend. The opposite of Théo, organized, responsible, "perfect".
  • Kaik Brum plays Ricardinho : Son of Ricardo. He idolizes the father, who never puts him to shame. He studies at the same school as Duda.
  • Walter Breda plays Aldair Moreira : Retired, he divides the apartment with his son, Théo. The voice of reason in Théo's life tries to alert the son to his mistakes. If it is very good with the granddaughter, Duda.
  • Alexandre Lino plays Gilmar : Goalkeeper of the Building where Théo, Aldair, Joana and Alice live.
  • Zéu Britto plays Nilson. He works with Théo.


Actor Character
Ana Paula Black Teacher
Analu Prestes
Anna Rita Cerqueira
Beto Vandesteen His Adamastor
Bianca Vedovato Friend of Doubt
Bruno Sobral
Betty I would Iolanda
Enzo Simi Pedro Cavalcante ( Pedrinho )
Eunice Bráulio Owner Zélia
Júlia Svacinna
Marcello Airoldi Aloísio Cavalcante
Monique Alfradique
Rodrigo Dorado
Vitor Figueiredo
Virginia Cavendish Carmem Cavalcante
Yasmin Gomlevsky Saleswoman at the clothing store


João Paulo Reyes, in his criticism for the Television Observatory, said that the "premiere of 'La Cara del Padre' is contemptuous and remains with the schedule (...) From the pilot we could notice that the script is uncompromised, it does not bring no original element, but it is efficient as entertainment for a Sunday afternoon, a day so devoid of attractions that they manage to turn on the viewer. "

André Santana, also from the Television Observatory , said that "still not bringing anything new, 'La Cara del Padre' is an important commitment by Globo in a more child-youth dramaturgy. After extinguishing all its children's programming, the channel It hardly gives an opportunity for children, and the new series, despite coming with a family proposal, has good opportunities to please the molecada. "