A Certain Shade of Green - A Certain Shade of Green

«A Certain Shade of Green»
Incubus Sencillo from SCIENCE
Publication September 9 , 1997
Format Single on CD
Genders) Metal alternativo, nu metal, funk metal, heavy metal
Duration 3:11
Record label Epic, Immortal
Author (s) Incubus
Producer (s) Incubus
«Take Me To Your Leader»
«A Certain Shade of Green»
«A Certain Shade of Green» en YouTube.

"A Certain Shade of Green" is the seventh song of the second album, and the single main study of the American band of rock , Incubus , from her album SCIENCE

Video musical

A music video was created for the song, featuring the band members performing the song, but it was not very successful.

Meaning of the song

The song is about the indecision of someone or something, on a specific subject, hence the line: "You gonna stand around 'till 2012 AD?" (You will be waiting around until 2012), also considering that the song is from 1997, which is also a reference to the supposed end of the world predicted by the Mayans on December 21, 2012, but which never happened. [ 1 ]

Musical style

The song features musical styles varied, ranging from the influences of funk metal , the metal rap , metal alternative and heavy metal , and is also one of the most aggressive songs Incubus. [ 2 ]