A Crus - A Crus

A Crus
A Crus located in Spain
A Crus
A Crus
Location of A Crus in Spain
A Crus located in Province of La Coruña
A Crus
A Crus
Location of A Crus in La Coruña
Coordinates 42°54′42″N 8°10′18″O / 42.9117, -8.1716Coordenadas: 42°54′42″N 8°10′18″O / 42.9117, -8.1716
Entity Village
Country Spanish flag Spain
Autonomous community Galicia
Province Corunna
County Arzúa
Municipality Arzúa
Parish Motto
Population (2018)
• Total 17 have.

A Crus (in Galician and officially, A Cruz de Pastoriza ) [ 1 ] is a village [ 2 ] Spanish located in the parish of Lema , of the municipality of Arzúa , in the province of La Coruña , Galicia . [ 3 ]


Graph of demographic evolution of A Crus between 2000 and 2018

Data according to the gazetteer published by the INE .