The Nationalist Gathering - A Cuncolta Naziunalista

The Nationalist Gathering
Foundation 1987
Dissolution 1998 [1]
Ideology Corsican nationalism
country France
1 Transformation into The Independentist Concult .

A Cuncolta Naziunalista was a Corsican nationalist political party, founded in 1987 and considered the legal showcase of the FLNC . One of its splits formed the Movement for Self-determination (MPA), a showcase for the FLNC-Canal Habitual.

In 1992 , A Cuncolta Naziunalista participated in the founding of Corsica Nazione .

In 1998 , the transformation of A Cuncolta Naziunalista into A Cuncolta Independencia and its radicalization caused a split. François Santoni, one of the founders of A Cuncolta Naziunalista, announced some time later, the founding of a new party, Presenza Naziunale .