I ask D10s - A D10s le Pido

I ask D10s
Model of Los Chikos del Maíz
Publication 2007
Genders) Rap
Duration 16:00
Record label No label
Professional qualifications
Chronology of Los Chikos del Maíz
Fear and disgust in Valencia ( 2005 ) I ask D10s Taliban Passion ( 2011 )

A D10s le Pido is the second demo of theValencian rap group Los Chikos del Maíz . The demo is dedicated to the former Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona , where the former player is seen on the cover of the single and is honored in the song "A D10s le pido". [ 1 ]

Songs list

  1. SOS Mc's fighter
  2. I ask D10s
  3. Spain is different


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