A Day In The Sun - A Day In The Sun

«A Day In The Sun»
Hilary Duff's promo song from
the album Metamorphosis
Publication 2003
Genders) Pop
Duration 3:24
Record label Buena Vista Records
Hollywood Records
Avex Trax [ 1 ]
Author (s) Matthew Gerrard, Charlie Midnightt[2]
Producer (s) Matthew Gerrard

"A Day In The Sun" (in Spanish A Day In The Sun ) is a song of the singer American Hilary Duff from their second studio album Metamorphosis , added as a bonus track on the Japanese edition. It was released as a pre-single that served to promote the album on Japanese radio. [ citation required ]

The song was written by American composer Charlie Midnightt and Canadian composer Matthew Gerrard, and produced by the latter.

Anneliese van der Pol's version

«A Day In The Sun»
Sencillo de Anneliese van der Pol
del álbum That's So Raven Too!
Publication 2006
Format Digital download
Recording 2006
Genders) Pop
Duration 3:30
Record label Walt Disney Records
Author (s) Matthew Gerrard, Charlie Midnight[2]
Producer (s) Matthew Gerrard[3]
Positioning in lists
United KingdomFlag of the United Kingdom UK : # 32 [ 4 ]
«Over It»
«A Day In The Sun»

In 2006 , the song was recorded by the Dutch - American singer Anneliese van der Pol .


Singer Anneliese van der Porl recorded the song for the second soundtrack of the Disney Channel series That's So Raven , which was released on March 7 , 2006, under the title That's So Raven Too! . [ 5 ]

The song was released as the third single to promote said soundtrack. It placed at number 32 on the UK Singles Chart . [ 4 ]


In the official video van der Pol is seen with a microphone singing on a small stage and scenes from the series are also shown. [ 6 ]



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