A for Charlemagne - A de Carlomagno

The A of Charlemagne is a reliquary in the shape of the letter A that is said to have been given by Charlemagne to the church of Conques ( Aveyron ).

It is said that the famous emperor gave 24 abbeys in France as many reliquaries in the form of the different letters of the alphabet. The one with the letter A is found in Conques and is a precious example of Carolingian art . There is an A without crossbar at the angle of which is the gold reliquary with fine stones and enamels . Its base, restored during the Middle Ages , does not have the value of the rest of the work. The chronicler Philippe Monskes , in 1270, described it perfectly.

The authenticity of this reliquary is currently being debated, deducing from its construction that it must probably date back to the 11th century .

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