A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving - A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

«A deep-fried Korean Thanksgiving»
Episodio de Gilmore Girls
Episode No. Season 3
Episode 9
Directed by Kenny Ortega
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino
Issue November 26 , 2002
Guest star (s)

Ted Rooney (Morey Dell)
Adam Brody (Dave Rygalsky)
Jackson Douglas (Jackson Melville)
Emily Kuroda (Sra. Kim)
Sally Struthers (Babette Dell)
Teal Redmann (Louise Grant)
Judy Geeson (Natalie Swope)
Shelly Cole (Madeline Lynn)

«Let the games begin» «A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving» «That'll do, pig»

A deep-fried Korean Thanksgiving is the 52nd episode of the North American television series Gilmore Girls .

Episode Summary

Emily visits Lorelai at the inn and asks if she is going to Thanksgiving dinner, and she says yes; Kirk buys a cat and names it after him, although the results are disastrous. Lorelai meets Dean and tells him that they shouldn't end their relationship, even if he doesn't continue with Rory. Lorelai and Rory must attend a busy schedule of four Thanksgiving dinners: first with the Kims, where they discover that Dave is playing guitar thanks to a plan made by Lane; Mrs. Kim likes Dave and then he and Lane kiss and agree to go on a date. The second dinner is with Sookie, where the entire Jackson family decides to fry the turkey; then they go to Luke, and there Lorelai and Babette tell Rory that the kiss Jess gave him was not good. Finally, dinner at Emily and Richard's house with several invited friends.Harvard , and she responds that she also sent others, including Yale . Then Lorelai explodes and blames her parents for their daughter's decision. Calm down, Lorelai tells Rory that it doesn't matter if she goes to Harvard or Yale , she just hopes she gets it right. And Dean faces Jess and tells her not to make things too easy for Rory.


  • If Kirk has night terrors (as discovered in season four), why does he sleep on the square in Stars Hollow?
  • Rory tells Jess that she had never broken up with Dean, but we know that they had broken up before, in the first season.