Ten centimeters from you - A diez centímetros de ti

"Ten centimeters from you"
Song of The Ear by Van Gogh
Album Beautiful
Recording 2006
Gender Electronic Pop , Power Pop , Pop .
Duration 3:49
Record label Sony BMG
Writer (s) Xabi San Martín and Amaia Montero
Producer (s) Nigel Walker and Van Gogh's Ear
Original language español
Country of origin Spain
Guapa's songs
"Ten centimeters from you"
" VOS "

"A ten centimeters from you" is the eighth song on the album Guapa by the Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh .

Information about the song

At ten centimeters from you he moves away from the dark system of the typical songs of the Guapa album such as Rag Doll , Sweet madness or Night to get closer to the somewhat electronic and carefree rhythms of The Copperpot trip .

With less strong feelings when it comes to love compared to songs like Noche , Dulce locura or Irreversible , A ten centimeters from you has a catchy and engaging melody that tells the story of a relationship in which both parties attract each other with perfect chemistry .

Like many songs on the Guapa album , A Ten Centimeters From You never became an official single. This shocked at first, since the band put out an average of eight singles per album.