A Different Set of Cards - A Different Set of Cards

Original title A Different Set of Cards
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2016
Long 73 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Falko Jakobs
script Falko Jakobs,
Rami Abu-Issa
production Skyroad Films
music Falko Jakobs
Camera Falko Jakobs,
Raoul Henri

A Different Set of Cards is a German Mystery - Thriller and independent film director Falko Jakobs from the year 2016 with Adrian Linke , Jutta Dolle , Tim Olrik Stöneberg and Guido Grollmann in the lead roles. It is an episode film that tells what happens in the form of a time loop .


Skyroad Films says: "The film deals with the question of how an identical initial situation develops, depending on which character fills which role ..."

Four players meet at a poker table in a remote warehouse . There is Ben Borkmann, who can be described as hardened, another player is a daredevil who loves apples, the third part is a bald, nervous man, and a seductive femme fatale forms the end. It is about a fateful handover of money that can decide the fate of the four people.

The special thing about this poker game is that with each new round not only the cards but also the characteristics of the people sitting at the table are shuffled anew, but the starting situation always remains the same. The four characters each act in the roles of the dealer, the accomplice, the policeman and the stranger, roles that they exchange with each other with each new round. By swapping roles, a different twist is brought about, which steers the respective course of the story in new directions and ignores the previous sequence. The fate of each individual also depends on how he plays the cards that fate has assigned him, because different characters achieve different results with the same cards.

The daredevil who came into the warehouse with a briefcase with unknown contents wants to sell it to the unknown femme fatale. The salesman's accomplice is waiting in the car in front of the hall to intervene if something does not go as planned. Little did the three of them know that a police officer knew about the deal and was hiding in the warehouse. Things then turn out very differently than originally planned, which leads to the aforementioned poker game with constantly new roles.

Production notes

The film was produced by Skyroad Films. It's a low-budget production. The production costs were around 5,000 euros. The entire film was shot in the summer of 2014 within two weeks in a warehouse near Cologne . He loosely addresses the butterfly effect .



A Different Set of Cards premiered on May 20, 2016 at the Roswell Film Festival in New Mexico .

19 on the weekend to 21 August 2016, the film at first GenBlast Film Festival was Culpeper presented in Virginia, [1] he also ran numerous other festivals, such as on the Action On Film International Film Festival in California. [2]

On October 13, 2017, A Different Set of Cards was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc by the studio Endless Classics. [3]


Cinema365 thought the concept was interesting and the four actors kept their characters relatively functional even if circumstances changed. Jakobs, who is involved in various functions on the film, shows a remarkable self-confidence both as a writer and as a director and manages to pull off something that could lead to a total mess in less able hands. In addition, the film has a clear film noir-Touch a European flair too. This characterizes the use of light and shadow "just like German, because, for whatever reason, German filmmakers seem to be the most accomplished filmmakers in the world in this aspect of filmmaking". The poker game segments, which are shot in black and white, would underline the film noir feeling. Although the twist at the end of the film is not super original, it has given the film something that many films have missed these days, a fitting ending. [4]

Indian filmmaker Paul Cardullo wrote for Gruesomemagazine that director Falko Jakobs' film was the startling story of a drug trade that went wrong. The film has a fascinating structure and plays the scenario through several times, with the characters acting in different roles in each round. The cast do an excellent job, Jakobs and his steadicam operator Raoul Henri do a great job keeping the film flowing and visually interesting. It is a film that is worth choosing. Despite its rather small budget, the film looks like it was much more expensive. A Different Set of Cardsbe an excellent and remarkable crime thriller by the German writer and director Falko Jakobs. Using the unusual framing technique of swapping character roles, he would create captivating scenes about the interaction of fate and choice in our lives. The small cast do an excellent job, the filmmakers give the film a rich and dynamic look that creates visual interest despite most of the action in one location. Cardullo made a recommendation to watch the film and combined that with the wish that it would experience an even wider release after its presentation at festivals. [1]

Awards (selection)

The film won numerous awards [5] [6] and ran at several international film festivals.

    • excellent :
  • 2016: Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, awarded in the category "Best Detective Drama" [7]
  • 2016: The IndieFest Film Awards, winner of the Award of Merit Special Mention Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Feature film / feature film" [8]
  • 2016: Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, winner of the Festival Award Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Dramatic Feature Film" [2]
  • 2016: Yellow Fever Film Festival in Belfast, Nordirland, Gewinner des „Audience Choice Award“[9]
  • 2016: Germany, Camgaroo Award in the category "Feature film special award for excellent image design" [10]
  • 2016: Roswell Film Festival, winner of the Rossy Award Falko Jakob in the category "Best Cinematographic Feature Film" [11]
  • 2016: LA Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival, winner of the Bronze Award Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Best Thriller" [2]
  • 2016: GenreBlast Film Festival, winner of the GenreBlast Film Festival Award Skyroad Films in the category "Best Cinematography Feature Film" [2]
  • 2016: Genre Celebration Festival, winner of the Festival Award Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Best Director" [2]
  • 2016: Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, winner of the September Award Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Best Feature Film" [2]
    • nominated :
  • 2016: Roswell Film Festival, nominated Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films for the Rossy Award in the categories "Best Feature Film", "Best Director" and Tim-Olrik Stöneberg in the category "Best Actor" [2]
  • 2016: Genre Celebration Festival, nominated for the Festival Award Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films in the category "Best Noir Feature" [2]
  • 2017: Utah Film Awards, nominated Falko Jakobs and Skyroad Films, "Best cameraman in a film" [2]



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