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A dos voices is an Argentine television program on political debates, broadcast on the cable signal Todo Noticias , broadcast on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. (repeated on Thursdays at 1:00 a.m.) and hosted by Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano . [ 1 ] Gustavo Sylvestre (1995-2011) and Luis Majul (1993-1995)were also hosts of the program. [ 2 ]

The program was awarded several times as the best comprehensive production and as the best journalistic program, both at the Martín Fierro Cable Awards and at other awards. [ 3 ] In the Martín Fierro of 2011, for its part, the program won special recognition for its fifteen years. [ 4 ]


Conductor Period
Marcelo bonelli 1993-
Edgardo Alfano 2011-
Luis Majul 1993-1995
Gustavo Sylvestre 1996-2011


One of the issues to which A dos voices paid attention was that of the electoral debates and it was thus that it organized almost all the debates to deputy and national senator for the Federal Capital. [ citation required ]

When in 1996 the direct vote for the Head of Government of the city of Buenos Aires was elected for the first time, the program organized the pre-election debate with the participation of Fernando de la Rúa from the UCR , Norberto La Porta del Frepaso , Gustavo Béliz from New Leadership and the then mayor, Jorge Domínguez of the Justicialista Party . [ 5 ]

In 2000, the debates organized by A dos voices prior to the election for Head of Government were, before the first round with Irma Roy , Raúl Granillo Ocampo , Cartaña, Aníbal Ibarra , for the Alliance and Domingo Cavallo for Action for the Republic and Before the ballot , only the last two and Ibarra was elected. In the debate prior to the 2003 election, Aníbal Ibarra who was seeking - and obtained - his reelection, Mauricio Macri , Patricia Bullrich and Luis Zamora debated . In 2007 the television competition was between Jorge Telerman, who was Head of Government due to the removal of Ibarra, Daniel Filmus and Mauricio Macri, who was elected. [ citation required ]

In 2011, the debate could not be held because Daniel Filmus, candidate of the Front for Victory, did not agree to do so against Macri and Pino Solanas himself . In that election, Macri won. [ 6 ]


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