To Enrestida - A Enrestida

To Enrestida
Starred The Enrestida.svg
Foundation 2003
Ideology Aragonese nationalism , independence , socialism , antifascism
Position Revolutionary left
Headquarters (Zaragoza)
country Spain
Integrated in the Independence Block of Cuchas .

A Enrestida ( La Embestida in Aragonese ), also abbreviated as AE , is an Aragonese independence group that is part of the Cuchas Independence Bloc (BIC) and was created in 2003 . This independence group has a social headquarters (the oldest of this type) in Zaragoza , specifically in the La Magdalena neighborhood , where all kinds of activities such as talks, exhibitions, parties, etc. [ 1 ]

In addition, in the social center, there is also the "Frida Kahlo Library", where you can read and donate a wide variety of books. [ 2 ]

A Enrestida is one of the main independence groups in Aragon , actively working in social movements and vindicating Aragonese culture. [ 1 ]

It declares itself a socialist and independentista although the social center is open to any group and / or activity; thus contributing to weave the Zaragoza social movement.


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