The Hermitage (Beariz) - A Ermida (Beariz)

The Hermitage
Galicia town
The Hermitage Lebozán Beariz N-541.jpg
country Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Autonomous communication Flag of Galicia.svg Galicia
Province Province of Ourense - Bandera.svg Pray
Municipality Beariz.svg Beariz
Location 42°31′00″N 8°16′08″O / 42.516527777778, -8.2688888888889Coordenadas: 42°31′00″N 8°16′08″O / 42.516527777778, -8.2688888888889
Population 96 have.

A Ermida is a town in the parish of Lebozán , in the municipality of Beariz , in the province of Orense . In 2008 it had 96 inhabitants, 43 men and 53 women; which means an increase in the number of troops.

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