A Espiñeira (Foz) - A Espiñeira (Foz)

A Espiñeira is located in the parish of Vilaronte belonging to the municipality of Foz , its location is on the banks of the Ría de Foz , which is communicated by the 642 national road, which gives Barreiros access to the Alcoa port .


This place has historical reviews for its communication bridge between the Foz and Barreiros councils, having the first toll bridge in Spain, this bridge was the driving force behind the commerce of the entire A Mariña arealuguesa. The bridge divides the place from "a espiñeira", leaving the left bank for Foz town hall and the right bank for Barreiros. This place thus belongs to two parishes, the part from Foz to Villaronte and that from Barreiros to San Cosme. Until the beginning of the 70s of the last century it was an industrial enclave where large businesses in the timber sector were located, and previously with shipyards where wooden boats such as "electra del masma" were built. There was a Civil Guard barracks until the early 70s of the last century and a fair was held on the 10th and 24th of each month. He even had a mixed primary school (up to 14 years old). Like all the villages of Galicia, from that time on it was depopulated and today there are less than 50 inhabitants. Since 2010 an industrial estate has been being promoted in the part belonging to the Barreiros municipality, in which several companies are already installed. The story refers to the fact that a monastery already existed in this place in the times of King SILO-VIII century, although its remains were not located. Another historical reference of the place are the gold mines that the Romans are believed to have in A Espiñeira, which is currently being investigated.


A Espiñeira has a chapel in honor of the Virgen del Pilar, (which was once in honor of Santa Catalina).

This neighborhood celebrates its festivities on October 12.

Another act of great relevance for the neighborhood is the cattle fair that takes place the Sunday before the celebration of San Juan.