At this time it is improvised - A esta hora se improvisa

At this time it is improvised is a political discussion program broadcast by Channel 13 between 1969 and 1973 , considered by experts [ who? ] as the pioneer in political talk shows on Chilean television . It is estimated that its influence has been able to transcend in the programs of the genre up to the present. [ citation required ]

46 years after the last program, during August 2020 the return of the program was announced under a new stage, led by Nicolás Vergara. [ 1 ]


First stage (1969-1973)

Led by Ruby Anne Gumpertz and led by Jaime Celedón , it had the participation of stable panelists. The first panel was made up of Enrique Campos Menéndez, José María Navasal, Julio Martínez, José Tohá, Fernando Rivas Sánchez. In the 70s there was a second panel made up of Germán Becker , Enrique Campos Menéndez , Jaime Guzmán , Julio Martínez Prádanos , Jorge Navarrete , José María Navasal, Claudio Orrego Vicuña and the current Senator Insulzaz

The program was characterized by taking every Sunday someone of social or political relevance, such as youth, political or union leaders, to discuss the reality of Chile. Outstanding personalities such as Sergio Onofre Jarpa , Alberto Jerez or José Tohá , sports personalities such as Jaime Fillol, parliamentarians and political leaders also participated in the program . [ 2 ]

Had its last broadcast on 9 of September of 1973 , just two days before the coup that ended the government of Salvador Allende . [ 3 ]

Second stage (2020-present)

In 2020, the return of this program to Channel 13 was announced after 47 years of its last broadcast, with a premiere on August 17 of that year. His new stage will be under the leadership of Nicolás Vergara , who will be accompanied by the panelists Javiera Parada , Cristóbal Bellolio , Óscar Landerretche and Claudia Bobadilla . [ 1 ] [ 4 ]

Derivative programs

Women improvise too

As a result of the success of the program, in 1971 a project with similar characteristics began in Radio Cooperativa , called Women also improvise , with an exclusively female panel made up of Raquel Correa , Patricia Guzmán, María Eugenia Oyarzún , Silvia Pinto and Carmen Puelma ; and that it was, like its television original, a resounding success.

Special programs

In January 1986, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Apsi magazine organized a special program of At this hour is improvised . This was recorded in a theater in Santiago, again conducted by Celedón and with the participation of Ricardo Lagos , Andrés Allamand , Juan Agustín Figueroa , Ricardo Claro , Alejandro Foxley and Sergio Bitar . On this occasion, the special guest was the former Commander in Chief of the Air Force , Gustavo Leigh . The forum was later fully transcribed in Apsi in a special issue of the magazine. [ 5 ][6]

30 years after its last program, Channel 13 carried out a special program of A esta hora se improvisa with different panelists. [ citation required ]


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