A Family Matter - A Family Matter

«A family matter»
Episodio de Gilmore Girls
Episode No. Season 4
Episode 12
Directed by Kenny Ortega
Written by Daniel Palladino
Issue February 3 , 2004
Guest star (s)

Olivia Hack (Tanna Schrick)
Emily Kuroda (Sra. Kim)
Kathleen Wilhoite (Liz Danes)
Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano)
Brandon Barash (Jamie)

«In the clamor and the clangor» «A Family Matter» «Nag Hammadi is where they found the Gnostic Gospels»

A family matter is the 77th episode of the North American television series Gilmore Girls .

Episode Summary

Luke receives a visit from his sister Liz, who is in Stars Hollow for a meeting with her friends from school. Jamie visits Rory at Yale and asks him to talk to Paris, since she hasn't given him the treatment he deserves; Thus, Rory finally confronts Paris about the situation she has, and tells her that she cannot treat Jamie like that while she is with Asher, so Paris calls Jamie and breaks up with him. Lane adjusts to life in Rory's suite ; meanwhile, Jason tries to spend a morning off work together with Lorelai, but is haunted by constant phone calls from abroad. Lorelai stops by Mrs. Kim's store and informs her that Lane is at Yale, with Rory. Lorelai and Jason agree that she will tell Emily about their relationship on Friday, but changes her mind when her mother jokes about how ridiculous it would be if her daughter and Richard's partner were dating. After having reported the disappearance of Jess's car, Luke is surprised to see his nephew return with his car, helped by a tow truck. Jess sleeps in her car, and the Gilmore girls find out. Lorelai tells Luke that she doesn't want Jess to stay out in the winter cold, so he shows him up to her house, and he goes to Nicole.


  • After talking to Emily on the phone, Lorelai's hair changes position between her shoulder and behind it.
  • When Luke is with Liz and juice is poured into the glass, he puts the lid on the juice, but when the camera faces Luke again the juice has no lid and seconds later he has it again.
  • When Lorelai talks to Rory on the phone the door is open and before Lane arrives, the door is ajar.
  • While Rory is talking to her mother on the phone, Lane appears with her coat on in one scene and on her arm in the other.
  • Rory has a plaid skirt when she is packing her clothes to go home, she arrives and immediately they go to dinner at the grandparents' house and when she takes off her coat she has a brown skirt