To white background - A fondo blanco

To white background
Studio album of Almafuerte
Publication December 25, 1999 (20 years)
Recording August - September of 1999 in Studies on the Pasto Abasto , Buenos Aires
Genders) Heavy metal, hard rock, folklore
Duration 35:04
Record label Forbidden
Producer (s) Ricardo Mollo
Chronology of Almafuerte
Prophet in his land
A White Background
Free Stone

A fondo blanco is the fourth studio album by the Argentine heavy metal band Almafuerte , released in 1999 by Interdisc . [ 1 ]

Various details

  • Tangolpeando and La llaga are songs that signify Ricardo Iorio's first foray into the Tango genre
  • The Visitor was used in the film The Visitor , and tells about a veteran of the Falklands War
  • In the video-clip of A Vos Amigo a Black Sabbath album is shown that does not really exist. This song is dedicated to the followers of ALMAFUERTE.
  • Tribute is dedicated to Augusto Romero, payador and musician from the town of Gualeguaychú ( Entre Ríos ) and friend of Ricardo Iorio.
  • If you are looking for me, speak and describe the Jesús de Nazaret Children's Home, a children's home located in Moreno ( Province of Buenos Aires ) with which Iorio collaborated by bringing donations and visiting the children and their Benefactors: Isabel and Sergio.

Songs list

All songs composed by Almafuerte .

N.º Title Duration
1. "Tribute" 4:15
2. «Convide Rutero» 4:10
3. «If You Are Looking For Me» 3:04
4. «To Your Friend» 4:44
5. «Tangolpeando» 2:36
6. "Stamina Bonavena" 2:43
7. "The visitor" 4:20
8. "Today is" 2:59
9. "The sore" 2:05
10. «To the Bird» 2:27
11. «Citizen Motive (Instrumental)» 1:41