A Forest of Stars - A Forest of Stars

A Forest of Stars
General information
origin Leeds, United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Genre(s) Post-Black-Metal
founding 2007
Website www.aforestofstars.co.uk/
Current occupation
Vocals , guitar
Mr. T. S. Kettleburner (Jon B. Cumiskey)
The Gentleman (Richard Blakelock)
Mister Curse (Dan Eyre)
Katheryne, Queen of the Ghosts (Katie Stone)
Mr. John „The Resurrectionist“ Bishop (Gareth Hodgson)(seit 2009)
Mr. Titus Lungbutter (Ol Jessop)(seit 2011)
Mr. William Wight-Barrow (Mike Midgley)(seit 2014)
former members
Guitar, vocals
Henry Hyde Bronson (Duncan Evans) (2011–2014)
Sir Gastrix Grimshaw (2011–2013)

A Forest of Stars is a British post-black metal - band from Leeds .

Band history

A Forest of Stars was formed in 2007. The band was named after a British gentlemen's club that had existed in Victorian England in 1881 . The band adopts a mystical approach, which musically can be assigned to post-black metal and which combines elements of black metal with classical music , psychedelic rock and folk . Musically, the band is less oriented towards similar representatives of the genre, but more towards Vaughan Williams , My Dying Bride and The Cure as well as genre representatives such as Dornenreich and Ulver. The lyrics also deal with Victorian England including its occult seances and ghost stories a la Edgar Allan Poe . [1] [2]

In 2008 the first publication The Corpse of Rebirth was released as an in-house production. In 2010, Opportunistic Thieves of Spring followed through the Transcendental Creations label. But it wasn't until 2012 with the album A Shadowplay for Yesterdays that the band became better known. For this album, the German independent label Prophecy Productions and their sub-label Lupus Lounge signed the band. The fourth album Beware the Sword You Cannot See was also released on Prophecy Productions . [1]

In 2018 Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes followed , which also reached the German charts for the first time at number 81. [3]


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Albums [3]
Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes
OF 81 05.10.2018 (1 week)
  • 2008: The Corpse of Rebirth (Eigenproduktion)
  • 2010: Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (Transcendental Creations)
  • 2012: A Shadowplay for Yesterdays (Lupus Lounge)
  • 2015: Beware the Sword You Cannot See (Prophecy Productions)
  • 2018: Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes (Prophecy Productions)


Individual evidence

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