A Fork in the Road - A Fork in the Road

German title A Fork in the Road
Original title A Fork in the Road
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2009
Long 101 minutes
Age rating FSK 16[1]
Director Jim Kouf
script Alan DiFiore,
Jim Kouf
production Paul F. Bernard,
James Scura
music Richard Marvin
Camera Claudio rocha
cut Dennis Virkler

A Fork in the Road is an American comedy film of Jim Kouf from the year 2009 .


Convict Will, who was wrongly arrested, is transferred to another prison in a police car. The tire of the car bursts through a fork lying on the road and leads to the rollover. Will escapes and comes to a farm. There he watches a woman named April shoot a man and put him in the trunk of a car. Insurance agent Martin Cheeder tried to blackmail April with captivating photos of a night of love. April's husband Karl is currently on a business trip.

Will surprises April and suggests that she help clear up the body if she helps him escape in return. They drive Martin's car into a forest, dig a pit and put the body in it. But Martin is still alive and attacks Will. April knocks him unconscious with the shovel. They tie him up and drive to a motel. You can find even more captivating photos with other women in Martin's files. Martin is tied to the toilet in the bathroom. When he was able to free himself with the toilet on his body, he slipped and drowned in the bathtub. Will and April drive the corpse into the desert, put them behind the wheel of the car and throw it down a ravine, where the car explodes.

Meanwhile, April's husband Karl comes home, discovers the compromising photos and drives furiously to Martin's apartment, where he is watched by a neighbor. April and Will also return to the house, where Karl confronts his wife and attacks her. With the help of Will, they both overpower him and tie him to an armchair. April tells him about the events of the last few hours, as proof they drive him into the desert to the crime scene. However, Martin's car has disappeared. Karl manages to break free and drives away, but is arrested by the police on the basis of a testimony. He is charged with the murder of Martin and April, but is released for lack of evidence. Will and April get closer and now look for her sister Nola. There you will find out that Karl sleeps with her sister and Nola is in cahoots with Martin during the blackmail. When Karl appears, Nola accidentally shoots him. The three of them drive back into the desert with Karl's body in the trunk. Karl is put on Will's convict clothes, put behind the wheel of April's car and also thrown down the gorge. Nola reports to the police about a kidnapping by Will and his alleged fatal accident.

Will and April, both considered dead, drive Karl's car to Canada and park it there, only to travel back to the USA. The police assume that Karl is the murderer who is on the run.


“Little crooks and white welfare recipients with caravan homes try to outsmart each other and the law and repeatedly fall funny on the nose in this good-humored, bright and always surprising low-budget detective comedy. The beautiful Jaime King ('Mother's Day') has to act quite a bitch, and not all developments seem believable, but the good look, entertaining supporting actors and lots of black humor compensate for minor bumps. Thriller fans will not be disappointed. "

- Video.de [2]


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