A. Francke Publishing House - A. Francke Verlag

A. Francke Publishing House
legal form GmbH
founding 1831
Seat Tübingen
management Gunter fool
Branch Specialist publisher

The A. Francke Verlag is an original 1831 in Bern based publishing company. The science publisher is now part of the Narr Francke Attempto Verlag , based in Tübingen , which is dedicated to the publication of humanities specialist books . [1]


The publishing house was founded in 1831 by Johann Felix Jacob Dalp as J. Dalpsche Buchhandlung in Bern and acquired by Karl Schmid in 1866. The eponymous Alexander Francke became a partner in 1884, the publisher was now called Schmid, Francke & Cie. In 1902, Karl Schmid transferred the company to Alexander Francke, which was converted into a stock corporation in 1920 . In 1925 Carl Emil Lang took over the management. In 1959 A. Francke Verlag GmbH Munich was founded, taken over by Gunter Narr in 1984 and the headquarters moved to Tübingen . In 1992 Narr also took over the Swiss publishing house, which is now based in Basel.[1]

The publishing house has been part of a publishing group since 2004 with Gunter Narr Verlag and Attempto Verlag , Verlag Narr Francke Attempto .


Within the group, the publisher mainly publishes linguistic and theological works. The most important periodicals of the publishing house include the Faust yearbook , published by the International Faust Society, the Vox Romanica , a specialist journal for linguistics and Romance philology , and the Colloquia Germanica , a specialist journal for Germanists. One of the oldest and most important series of the publisher is the Dalp Collection , in which introductions and special studies on the humanities have appeared since 1946.


  • Carl Ludwig Lang: 125 years of Francke Verlag Bern. Founded in 1831 as Dalp'sche Buchhandlung. Commemorative publication for the 125th anniversary. Francke, Bern 1957, DNB 452702216 (Contains: Erwin Heimann , Walter Adrian : Complete publisher's directory ).
  • Carl Ludwig Lang (Ed.): 150 years of Francke. Founded in 1831 as a Dalp'sche bookstore. Documents and pictures from the company's history. Francke, Bern 1981, DNB 1045445053 .


Individual evidence

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