A Frederic Soler - A Frederic Soler

A Frederic Soler
Monument to Pitarra, Agustí Querol.jpg
A Frederic Soler
Author Pere Falqués and Agustí Querol
Creation 1906
Location Plaza del Teatro, Ciutat Vella District , Barcelona ,Spanish flag Spain
Style Modernism
Material White marble and stone from Montserrat
Technique Sculpture
Dimensions 6.33 x 4.34 x 4.50 (total); 4.87 x 3.04 x 3.23 (figure)
Coordinates 41°22′43″N 2°10′33″E / 41.378691, 2.175735Coordenadas: 41°22′43″N 2°10′33″E / 41.378691, 2.175735

A Frederic Soler is a sculptural monument located in the Plaza del Teatro de Barcelona , in the Ciutat Vella district . It was created in 1906 with an architectural design by Pere Falqués , while the sculptural part was carried out by Agustí Querol . The monument is dedicated to the Catalan playwright Serafí Pitarra , pseudonym of Frederic Soler i Hubert (Barcelona, ​​1839 - ibid., 1895), considered the founder of the Catalan theater. This work is registered as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest (BCIL) in the Inventory of Catalan Cultural Heritage with the code 08019/1012. [ 1 ]

History and description

Historical photo of the monument in the Plaza del Teatro.

The monument was erected in the Plaza del Teatro, on the Rambla , where the Fuente del Viejo used to be located , which was transferred to the Parque de la Ciudadela and, later, to the Plaza de Sants. The project arose in 1896, shortly after the death of the writer, and on November 16, 1897 the works began, which lasted nine years. The work was inaugurated on December 26, 1906 by Mayor Domènec Sanllehy , with the presence of the honoree's children, Ernest and Blanca Soler de les Cases. The complex was criticized for its bombast and bombast, and the City Council was about to transfer it to Montjuicin 1935; but the popularity of the author and his relationship with the performing arts made him remain in his place until today. A sample of its popularity took place on March 23, 1976, World Theater Day, when there was a demonstration of people in disguise in vindication of the democratic transition process. [ 2 ]

The monument consists of a stone pedestal from Montserrat with the Barcelona coat of arms , on which stands a white marble column in the shape of an Ionic volute and decorated with garlands, with the inscription «To Frederich Soler (Pitarra), founder of the theater català ». On this column is the character, sitting on the masks of comedy and tragedy , with his head turned and an introspective attitude, as if waiting for inspiration to start writing, a feeling that corroborates the fact that he is holding a paper in hand. The style of the work is modernist, more evident in the ornate pedestal than in the figure of the playwright, who is more sober and serene, a fact that instead moves away from Querol's usual trajectory, more prone to monumentalism. [ 3 ]

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