A Frontline Compilation - A Frontline Compilation

A Frontline Compilation
Kortatu - A Frontline Compilation.jpg
Kortatu compilation
Publication 1988
Genders) rock
Record label Red Rhino ( UK )
Organik ( Switzerland )
Oihuka (reissue)
Producer (s) Kortatu and Josean López
Kortatu chronology
The State of Things
( 1986 )
A Frontline Compilation Blow Blow
( 1988 )

A Frontline Compilation is a compilation by the Basque musical group Kortatu . In the mid -1980s, Kortatu was one of the state groups with the greatest international projection. [ 1 ] Despite moving in small venues (except in the Basque Country, where they played before more than 10,000 people), [ 2 ] the group had carried out, in three years of life, two European tours, one in 1986 and another in 1987 , playing in countries like Switzerland , France , Italy , Germany andNetherlands .

Due to the success that the group had in different European countries, the English label Red Rhino and the Swiss Organik, released a compilation that was distributed in the United Kingdom and in central Europe. The compilation consisted of 12 songs, all from the Kortatu and El Estado De Las Cosas albums , as well as a live take of "A la calle".

On the cover of the album a woman appeared with her fist raised in front of an ikurriña with a black crepe. In the insert detailing who was the mother of Pakito Arriaran , a militant of ETA who was killed in fighting with guerrillas of the FMLN in El Salvador . However, the woman on the cover is not Arriaran's mother. This is Maritxu Pagola, mother of Inaxio Asteasuinzarra, a Basque refugee murdered by the GAL on September 25, 1985 in the attack on the Monbar hotel in Bayonne. Precisely the 10th cut of this disc refers to that event. On the album insert, the lyrics were translated into English and French .

The album was reissued on CD in 1988 by the Oihuka record company .

Songs list

  1. «Don Vito and the revolt in the brake path»
  2. "Tolosa Carnival"
  3. Sandinista Nicaragua
  4. «Zu atrapatu arte»
  5. " Often, often "
  6. «Desmond Tutu»
  7. Hernani, 15 / VI / 84
  8. "On the street"
  9. "The front line"
  10. «Hotel Monbar»
  11. «9 holes»
  12. "God and the Old Law"
  13. «Poster in the CC. old man of Bilbao »

Songs 1-7 taken from Kortatu . "A la calle" is a live take of the original song from the maxi-single A la calle . Songs 9-13 extracted from The State of Things .

All the songs composed by Kortatu except "Sarri, Sarri" ( version of the song "Chatty, chatty" from Toots and the Maytals ).


Additional musicians

  • Javi «Trompetari»: trumpet in «Tolosa, iñauteriak» and «Nicaragua sandinista».
  • Maurizia and León: choirs in «Tolosa, iñauteriak».
  • Jesús Soldevilla: percussion in «Desmond Tutu».
  • Carolo: voice of the introduction in "Desmond Tutu".
  • Joseán López: whistle on «Sandinista Nicaragua».
  • Josetxo Silguero: saxophone in “Sandinista Nicaragua”.
  • Jabier Muguruza : accordion in «God and the old law».
  • Xabier Montoia : choirs in "9 zulo".

Technical staff

  • Joseán López: sound technician, mixers and producer on songs 1-7.
  • Marino Goñi: sound and mixing technician on songs 1-7.
  • César Ibarretxe: sound and mixing technician on songs 9-13.
  • Kortatu: production on songs 8-13.
  • Manolo Gil: folder design.
  • Pipo Surber: back cover photograph.
  • Edu: translations into English.

Popular culture

The image of Maritxu Pagola that appears on the album's cover was used by two political groups from the nationalist left : by Herri Batasuna in the eighties [ 3 ] and by Acción Nacionalista Vasca in their advertising posters for the 2007 electoral campaign . [ 4 ]

Notes and references