A slow fire (tango) - A fuego lento (tango)

"To simmer"
Publication 1953
Gender tango
Composer Horacio Salgán
Original language español
Country of origin Argentina

«A fuego slowly» is an instrumental tango composed by Horacio Salgán , premiered in 1953 and recorded for the first time in 1955 by its author on the TK label, which has been said to be "the mark of the edge of its author." [ 1 ]

The author

Horacio Adolfo Salgán ( Buenos Aires , 15 of June of 1916 ) is a pianist , composer and conductor Argentina , considered one of the outstanding personalities of the tango and one of the initiators of the so - called "avant - garde tango" .


Salgán said that since he was a child he was attracted by Italian opera and that in El barbero de Sevilla he had been fascinated by the bass aria entitled La calumnia where the text says: "... he runs, he runs through people's ears ..." an idea of ​​something that happens without interruption, and in crescendo. This was one of the ideas that led him to write what is “possibly the most avant-garde of all my tangos.


It has been said of this tango:

"This work, of remarkable rhythmic force, begins developing within a musical climate that we could call 'obsessive', always within the canons of the milonguero. After a melodic part, it returns, until the end, to mark that overwhelming rhythm and catchall that distinguishes him among all the tangos of such court ... " [ 1 ]

Del Priore and Amuchástegui state that, without prejudice to the fact that Salgán retained the status of avant-garde throughout his career, A slow fire :

"It marks the most extreme point of his innovations in terms of composition: it is the limit, conscious and voluntary, imposed by his attachment - by musical sensitivity and affection - to the most evolved forms within the tradition of the genre."


Some of the recordings are as follows:


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